What I like Wednesday: Elvis Cinemas

The colder, snowier months of Colorado can be a slight drag for me as I feel my best in the warmth and sun but I don’t like to waste the winter months away so I try to think of things to do that I can enjoy. Pre-covid, movie theaters were a great option. Escape both the cold and the real world for a couple of hours. Colorado has a theater chain called Elvis Cinemas that I think everyone should take advantage of if they haven’t heard of it already. This company owns three theaters – one in Denver (by me!), Littleton, and Arvada.

You know what’s great about this theater? While the screens and theater rooms are pretty old, at least the one near me, the prices are amazingly cheap: $3 before 6pm, $4 after 6pm. That’s it. That means I have enough money leftover in my fun budget to buy popcorn and candy and nachos if I wanted! How many theaters can I say that about? (Maybe the Century Aurora Theater, they deserve a future What I like Wednesday post). Elvis Cinemas shows movies that have been out for a while and usually aren’t in other theaters anymore. So if you’ve missed a movie because you didn’t have the time, Elvis Cinema’s is likely still showing it. It’s a great way to see movies that you were only semi-interested in too because the tickets are so cheap. Not a lot of places in Denver are so well priced, if you have a large family or are tight on money, this is a place to go.

I feel like Elvis Cinema’s is a classic of Colorado. It’s at least a classic of my childhood. I lived in the same apartment complex in 5th grade as I do now and I remember going to the theater, which is only a mile or so away, when I was young. When I was going through my divorce in 2019 I went to Elvis Cinema’s one evening because I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone. I sat in the mostly empty theater with maybe 6 other people and watched the Elton John movie, Rocketman, and I laughed a couple of times and I felt connected to the world. My heart lightened in that moment and I was able to make it through another day. So this theater holds a special place in my heart.

While the theaters appear to be closed still because of covid, I look forward to the day when they open again. Hopefully, with the vaccine finally here, we can see movie theaters opening back up this summer. And hey, sometimes we need escapes from the heat too so if there’s a 100 degree day, you might just find me at Elvis Cinemas. I love the idea of walking down there in the evening, catching a movie, and walking back home one cool summer night. How pleasant does that sound?

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