What I like Wednesday: Denver Desserts

Sometimes, you gotta eat dessert first. And when those days come (or when you’re hankering for something sweet at any time), Denver and Aurora have you covered.

Sugar Bakeshop: Bakery off of Broadway near downtown. They have the best smore’s cookie I have ever tasted. It’s one of my all time favorite cookies and I have considered stretching being vegan solely for that cookie. Heat it up in the microwave for 10 seconds and that is utter perfection. They also have their own version of poptarts which, happy surprise, are vegan! They have the always classic strawberry and brown sugar flavors as well as a fun raspberry pistachio one.

D Bar: More upscale desserts (macarons and glossy chocolates, anyone?) in downtown Denver. The cool thing about this place was that you could sit down and order dessert or you could walk up to their dessert bar and grab some goodies to go if you didn’t have time. Offerings differ of course, can’t really take a hot molten cake on the go, so it is worth it to sit and eat there at least once. It’s close enough to the performing arts district that you could eat here before a show and then take the 15-20 minutes to walk to your theater one warm evening. Not vegan as far as I’m aware and it is pricier.

Snowl: Japanese dessert and boba cafe in Aurora. Best thing on the menu? Their chocolate taiyaki. It’s a pancake-like batter with melted Hershey’s chocolate inside. Warm and soft I could eat two of these before I realize one would have been enough (an order comes with three). Their biggest menu item is probably their snowl bowls – shaved ice soaked in condensed milk with a variety of toppings. It wasn’t my kind of dessert when I tried it but I can understand the appeal. Not vegan as far as I’m aware.

Shahrazad Bakery: Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Bakery in Aurora. Best baklava I’ve had hands down. That stuff melts in your mouth and is gold. They sell other baked goods besides baklava but that’s the only thing I ever care about when I go – why spend my money on anything other than the sweet walnut baklava that I love so much? I don’t believe this is vegan (butter and honey you know?) but it’s worth not being vegan for every once in a while.

Shout outs to Sweet Cow in Stanley Marketplace who had grapenut ice cream a few years ago that I loved and to Sweet Action off Broadway who has Shari’s favorite ice cream flavor – Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle (thanks, Shari for the ice cream pic!). Ice cream may not be my go to dessert, but if you like it, these two places are on point. And every once in a while I enjoy getting myself the cold treat – I think ice cream is best when eaten with those you love in a park you adore on a hot summer day. ❤

As you can see, Denver does not lack for dessert options, and I didn’t even mention the sopapillas at Casa Bonita or the turtle chocolate lava cake I had at Nonna’s Chicago Bistro (doesn’t look like it’s on their menu any longer) or the science based treats at The Inventing Room. The point is, if your sweet tooth is demanding satisfaction, you’re bound to find something you enjoy. Bon apetit!

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