4-4-21 Happy Easter

I spent the weekend at my family’s again because life is short and vaccines are here. Plus, it was Easter and I remember feeling so sad that I couldn’t be with my family last Easter. Not this year! We made breakfast burritos for breakfast on Saturday and then Kaitlin and the family came over and you know we had to have the classic Easter celebrations. My mom brought out Easter baskets for all (I got a cute battery powered lantern for my balcony and some delicious huckleberry jam) and then she brought out a gift Emmy had helped wrap just for me. Turns out it was a really adorable pair of rainbow socks, of which Emmy also had a pair, so we quickly both put them on so we could match.

The kids also had an Easter egg hunt where Emmy found so many eggs she had to get another basket. Then we decorated sugar cookies that Kaitlin had baked for us. She decorated two of them as examples and so I tried to replicate her flower design. Can you tell who the cookie decorator is and who the plebe is? 😉 My family was very encouraging about it but I know I have a ways to go before I’m on Kaitlin’s level. Hopefully this year she can run a cookie decorating class for me (she’s working on a vegan recipe for me, I’m so excited!). Because I wasn’t feeling the flowers very much, I got inspired by Emily’s decorating and I made two of my cookies into more of an abstract design. My last cookie I made into a nature scene that was a little easier than the flowers.

After cookies, Kaitlin and Kevin headed off to get their first vaccine shot so I helped watch Emmy while they were gone (Ollie took his nap the whole time). Emmy and I sat outside on the patio for a while, just the two of us. It was very precious time getting to be with her and talking with her about the squirrel who was taking a nap in the tree above us. She may not always want to talk with me (although I hope she does) as she grows older and so I cherish these small moments where I get a glimpse into her world and the way she thinks. These moments aren’t actually so small. I may not remember what was said but I will remember feeling happy that she shared that time with me, that she wanted to sit next to me or sit on my lap. And I’ll do my best to remember how excited she was about the strawberry syrup she put on her vanilla ice cream at preschool. Or that the squirrel was dreaming about milk because it was a baby. Or how fast she ran to the mailbox. But even if I can’t remember all of that, creating those moments and being part of those moments is important and I’m so grateful I get them.

My mom made Thanksgiving dinner for our meal on Saturday evening including vegan stuffing! She had made homemade cornbread and got Beyond breakfast sausage as part of the dish and it turned out deliciously. The stuffing was just as good as the one I made for Thanksgiving, it was sweet and moist and salted perfectly. I definitely ate my fill. Kaitlin helped the kids decorate eggs after that before saying goodnight and goodbye.

Sunday morning, my mom and I made vegan cinnamon rolls for breakfast and vegan yellow squash casserole for lunch. My mom has been doing a great job at finding recipes to try out. We played a game of Sushi Go and two rounds of Bananagrams before I headed back home. I’m so glad I’m visiting my family again, we’re going to have many more good weekends to come. Happy Easter and happy Spring everyone!

One thought on “4-4-21 Happy Easter

  1. Oh yes, it was a fabulous Easter! Looking forward to many more lovely visits. Thanks for coming Laurabelle!

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