Where I’m From – a Poem

I am from Tamagachi and Neopets,
American Girl Dolls, Beanie Babies, and Fruit Roll Ups.
From popsicles and pools and playgrounds.

I am from many childhood homes,
full of many themed bedrooms
and many colorful flower beds.

I am from oak trees,
whose bark I hugged every morning before doing anything else,
and from dandelions,
who never once granted me a wish,
and from Tornado Alley and Grand Lake summers.

I am from play dough and Legos,
from mud pits and magic,
from Carr and Coltharp.

I am from freckles and pale skin,
from writers and artists,
from “that’s why we have a washing machine”,
and “as long as you’re not hurt, it’s okay that you broke it.”

I am from feeling the fear and doing it anyway,
from Ken and from Kathy,
from Thanksgiving stuffing and rice krispie treats.
From butter, salt, and cheese.

I am from crossing the ocean from Denmark,
and from smoking a corn cob pipe in the hills of Tennessee,
and from a little bit of crazy.

I am from a special birthday song sung just for me and my sister,
from a red plate,
and from a well-loved, pink plastic blow up cake.

I am from all of these moments and more, but most importantly, I am from being loved more than I will ever know.

A poem by me – Lauren C (it rhymes, hehehe)

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