4-26-21 My weekend

Waiting for vaccine shot #2!

Friday afternoon, Shari and I got off work early, grabbed some Chick-fil-A, and headed over to Cheyenne to spend part of the weekend with her parents. I hadn’t eaten Chick-fil-A in over a year, so eating their fresh french fries dipped in my favorite Polynesian sauce was divine. We went to Wyoming this weekend because Shari needed to get her second vaccine shot and she wanted to possibly purchase a new car. Before running errands on Saturday, we took a short walk to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. I thought it was going to be warm that day but it ended up being cold and windy so we cut the walk a bit short. I’ll have to go on a longer walk some other time. We got to see a really long train chug along as went though since the trail follows train tracks. I waved to the conductor but no horn blowing this time. 😉

Shari with her new car!

Then, after Shari got her second shot (woohoo!), we headed out car shopping. She test drove two different cars and decided to purchase one of them. Four and a half hours later, she was the owner of a new car – a Hyundai Kona for those car people out there (I am not one of them)! I tell you, I do not like the people who work at car dealerships. They are shady as hell. They were never very clear about how much the car cost and once they finally settled on a price and Shari literally signed a piece of paper agreeing to the price, they tried to charge her more. It was insane and I almost walked out at that point because I was so frustrated and annoyed, and I wasn’t even buying the car! But Shari and her parents got through it quite admirably and now she has a car that should be able to handle the snow better and make it up mountains a lot easier. We started planning out what hikes we wanted to go on this year as we drove back to Denver. Who’s with us?!

Sunday afternoon I went to my monthly comic book meetup discussion where we talked about a Hulk comic at the park while eating guacamole and chocolate covered raisins (not in the same bites). I’d say it was a decent weekend. I then slept for 9 hours last night because of all the human interaction. I love getting to see people again but wow is it tiring. ❤

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