What I like Wednesday – Chamberlain Observatory Public Nights

Long long ago, years before covid, I went to Chamberlain Observatory’s public night and I fell in love. I mean, who wouldn’t? For $4 you get to learn about the stars, the universe, and scientists. Astronomers used to sell time to people, did you know that? They sold time signals to cities and railroads before everything was standardized. For being able to gain knowledge and for the cheap price of $4 per person, I’m a supporter of the public nights this observatory holds. But wait, that’s not all! After learning about the cosmos above us, you then get to look through a 28-foot long telescope. This telescope is the original that was installed in 1894 when the observatory was built. Climb up a sturdy wooden ladder (also an original) and with your astronomer to guide you, gaze up at the moon, the stars, and the nearby planets.

The price, the originality, and the fact that you learn something means this is both a great date night and family night outing. As I write this, all public nights are currently cancelled because of covid, but I imagine that in the near future they’ll open up again and I hope to see some of you there as I revisit it!

I only took one really dark, blurry picture of the telescope when I went so I used creative common images instead (image 1, image 2) and, because of that, and because our universe is truly wonderous, I encourage each of you to visit an observatory when you can and to go out in the middle of nowhere sometime and gaze at the stars with just your eyes. That in itself is incredible and well worth your time!

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