5-1-21 RiNo & Watercourse & Plants

I went on a walk today. 😉 This time I walked around the River North, or RiNo, district of Denver. It’s where Shari used to live and it’s notorious for its many street art pieces. I had never really walked around there so you know I was down for going (I’d also be down for walking around somewhere I have been, basically I just like getting out and seeing stuff). Before we headed over there, though, we had to run a few other errands. We stopped at both our banks and ate breakfast outside of Starbucks (I got a couple bagels from Einstein’s). Eating outside in the pleasant morning sun and warmth was so incredibly relaxing. We went to Home Depot and I purchased a new pot for my dracaena and a couple of items that will hopefully kill the wasps that have decided to frequent the balcony. Then we went to a parking lot where I got to pick up compost soil for free! Turns out as part of the membership fee I pay each month to be able to drop off compost, I get some free soil once a year. Yes, please!

After picking up compost, we finally made our way to RiNo and walked around for over an hour. There is art everywhere on the buildings, and all kinds of art styles. I will have to go back because I know I didn’t see everything and I know that some of the walls change as once a year there is a big painting event. Hopefully I can watch some artists at work! Shari took me down a few alleyways that were just covered in art. It was so enjoyable walking around this part of Denver, looking at what artists spent time designing and then creating. Portions of the streets we were on were completely closed to cars so that restaurants could seat people outside and it made it that much more enjoyable to wander. For the most part, there weren’t that many people walking around.

I really liked the walk. I liked being outside, I liked being in an area I had never been, and I liked seeing art. And it was all free (even the parking, we found free street parking, thank you Denver!)! I realize now this should maybe become a What I Like Wednesday Post so perhaps I’ll do that in a couple of months, give myself some time to go back so I can give even better recommendations on what I like about RiNo.

My favorite pieces we saw today? A giant version of Mercury/Hermes (see above). The team that painted this piece are truly talented (Shari got to see them at work!), there is what appears to be faded graffiti covering the piece, like Mercury’s skin is made of graffiti. I’m not sure how to describe it so hopefully you can make the picture bigger or go visit the piece yourself. It’s one whole side of a building and it’s incredible. Two giant bees and a beautiful pink flower covering another entire wall (see right above!). I also really enjoyed this rainbow wall that encouraged you to be happy:

We made our way into the Denver Central Market where I bought myself some sourdough bread from izzio Bakery (sadly they did not have any vegan desserts or pastries). That was our only indoor stop in that area because for lunch we went to Watercourse. Shari and I actually ate inside of a restaurant. I felt nervous as we were walking up but once we were seated, I felt comfortable and enjoyed myself. The restaurant did a great job at spacing people out and their booths were so high that you felt separated from anyone behind or in front of you. We split some milkshakes and I ate a delicious “chicken” sandwich that I would 100% get again (they also have a pesto gnocchi in the evenings so I’ll have to go back!). This will hopefully be the start of me trying to eat inside at restaurants again. I’ll have to go slow and I’ll have to choose carefully cause I have a feeling that not all restaurants are as spaced out as Watercourse was. But I’m gonna try!

We came back home after lunch and I finally repotted some of my plants that have been screaming for repotting since probably last fall. I even repotted my beloved African violet, the plant I’ve had the longest and the plant I was most scared to repot. They’re known as sensitive plants and so I’m feeling a bit nervous that I’ve just killed the thing, but I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best. I also repotted the spider plant I had got with Lydia at the Botanic Gardens about a year and a half ago, that guy is loving life. While we were gathering supplies to repot stuff, Shari and I accidentally locked ourselves out on the balcony. Oops. It’s not really our faults, the door lock is loose and it just turned enough when I closed the screen door (cause I didn’t want Pippin coming out) that it latched. We pulled and I bent the locking mechanism enough that we were able to open the door but I’m going to have to do some handle surgery cause one side of the handle is no longer attached. Oops again. I am proud to say I kept my cool the whole time though. And now plants have been repotted and rearranged and I can say with all confidence that this was a fantastic day.

I took a lot of neat pictures of art on my walk today that I haven’t been able to include here so you can check out my photo album here.

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