5-3-21 A Pleasant Sunday

While yesterday wasn’t as warm and sunny as Saturday was, I still enjoyed myself. I started the day by making another loaf of brioche. Third time’s the charm, right? I used the bread flour that Shari’s parents had given me and I even let the yeast rise a bit in a sugar and milk mixture. It did rise better this time but I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t love this bread’s taste and I need to find a new recipe. I really want a good, basic, white bread recipe where I can make a simple loaf pretty quickly. One that’s soft and has that great yeasty, bread taste. I’ll find that recipe one of these days!

Shari came over later in the morning and we made banana bread together since she had lots of frozen bananas. She even brought over some dark chocolate chunks to put in one of the loaves and while I was skeptical (I told her banana bread was better without chocolate), I have to say the finished product was delicious and I’d include that chocolate again. (My girlfriend is smart. 😉 )

It was cloudy and cooler on Sunday but I still got Shari and Elisabeth to go on a walk with me. This time we wandered around trying to find lilac bushes in bloom and while we saw a couple, they were in backyards so we weren’t able to smell the lovely flowers. We’ll just have to keep going on walks!

In the afternoon, Shari and I got out my Lego again and I spent the next two hours organizing Lego and then building a t-rex. Initially I wanted to make an astronaut t-rex but it took me so long to just build the dinosaur that I wasn’t up for anymore. I even had to tear apart my triceratops, Ergi, in order to build it. It was a sad moment. Thankfully I can rebuild her anytime I want so that gives me comfort. 😉 I then had a lot of fun pretending that my Captain America mini was being eaten by the t-rex and was then riding the t-rex. I ended the evening with the first episode of Lego Masters, the United States series. More Lego! It was a good weekend.

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