What I like Wednesday: Denver’s Comedy Scene

Now, I may not be into dirty humor or crass humor or humor at the expense of a person’s feelings, but I do still enjoy laughing. Who doesn’t right? Thankfully, Denver attracts a handful of comedians that make me giggle and guffaw so hard that I have to take deep breaths in between jokes. I have been privileged to see Eddie Izzard, Demetri Martin, Trevor Noah, Patton Oswalt, and Mike Birbiglia. Did I also mention that I’ve gotten to see Garfunkle and Oates, Steve Martin and Martin Short, and Jim Gaffigan. I know I’m name dropping, but I have to so you see how many big names come here. And those are only the names of people that I like and want to see. There are many other famous comedians that swing on over here to make Denverites chuckle so if you’re capable of handling sex and poop jokes better than me, your menu of funny has just increased. And if you’re a kind of person who enjoys more serious, moral humor (the stuff that is sad but also funny but also real) then oh boy, you’re getting dessert in this weird food metaphor I’ve come up with.

Denver feels like a small city to me, I mean, compare it to Seattle or Chicago or LA and we’re little. But somehow we are still able to gather the hilarious minds of people who want to make us feel good. This is why I love Denver. Because even though it’s smaller than the coastal cities of our country, we’re still able to see awesome comedians in person. We’re still able to see Broadway shows and create theater and create art. I suppose most other cities are like this too but I’m not talking about them today, am I? I’m talking about my beloved Denver.

Most of the comedians I’ve seen performed at the Paramount, (another beloved place of Denver) but some of them have performed in Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado Springs, and other big theaters I can no longer remember the names of (what, we’re lucky we have so many venues here plus I haven’t gone anywhere since covid and my memory is lacking). I know comedians also go to the two Comedy Works locations we have here too. Elisabeth treated me to an evening at Comedy Works once where we got to listen to a couple local comedians and one semi-famous comedian. I had a blast and I loved that Comedy Works supported local comedians. Plus, they had non-alcoholic, non-carbonated drinks and do you know how hard it is to find those? Kudos to you, Comedy Works! I know there must be open mic nights around here too but they’re probably too late at night for this early bird to attend so I can’t vouch for or name any of them, sorry! I will leave it up to you to do the research. (I did go to an open mic at an Arapahoe Public Library once with my friend, Kayla, and that was an experience, but I wouldn’t count that as a normal open mic night.)

The point is, everyone needs and deserves to laugh and loosen up every once in a while, especially as we get through covid, so I encourage you to keep your eye out for some comedian or comedy show that peaks your interest and give it a try! Hopefully I’ll see you there. 🙂

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