What I like Wednesday: Denver’s Interactive Options

Denver does such a great job of providing unique interactive opportunities that I wanted to list a few here for this week’s post.

My friend, Kayla, discovered the Lost Book of Astrid Lee in September 2020 that the History of Colorado Museum put together. And while she was in Oregon and wasn’t able to participate, Elisabeth, Shari, and I took advantage of this free, month long scavenger hunt. We explored Denver and through the hunt were given opportunities to learn about Denver’s past. While there were many confusing moments that led us down a lot of unnecessary rabbit holes, the hunt gave us something to do during covid and honestly, the frustration was worth it. I enjoyed myself and had fun. You can read pieces of my experience here, here, and here in my blog. I do still hope History of Colorado will do another scavenger hunt in the future because I would sign up.

Speaking of scavenger hunts, Denver Center for Performing Arts is about to run a fictional podcast + scavenger hunt in June that is also free. Once a week for four weeks, a fictional podcast will be released. If all you want to do is listen to it, great, but if you’re feeling up to some detective work, you can go around Denver and find QR codes that will reveal more clues to the mystery. What I’m excited about is the Facebook group that DCPA created for this event. I think that was lacking in the Astrid Lee experience and it will be nice to have others helping me along if I need it.

And in a completely other realm, Elisabeth found out that the Denver Art Museum is accepting photos of your neighborhood’s sky as part of a large mural they’ll be doing on the newly renovated building they’ve been working on for a couple of years now (it will be opening at the end of October!). The instructions don’t require your neighborhood to be in Denver so I encourage anyone and everyone to submit a picture. Do note that the picture will be turned into a black and white photo so you don’t have to worry too much about the brightness of the sky. I submitted the picture you see here!

I also want to mention the art centers that the Denver Art Museum and Clyfford Still Museum both have. While you do have to pay to get into the museums (or use a library’s free pass for the Clyfford Museum!) I still love that art stations exist in both of these places as part of admission.

Check out all the things I like about Colorado here!

One thought on “What I like Wednesday: Denver’s Interactive Options

  1. Love your picture of the sky! It would be fun to have a pic of Ollie being thrown up into the sky.

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