What I like Wednesday: Denver’s Vegan Restaurants

I am very grateful that there are a handful of restaurants that are vegan or vegan friendly in and around Denver. Below are my favorite restaurants where I know I will always be able to find something I like.

Watercourse: Delicious “chicken” sandwich. Couldn’t ask for better (and thank you to the waiter who told me the hot sauce was HOT). They used to have a delectable fried cauliflower and waffles dish on the weekends that I would tell you to get asap but they’ve scrapped it for a fancier version. :/ I’m hoping they’ll bring back the classic version one of these days. You know what’s great about this place? It is 100% vegan so you can order anything on the menu without worry or guilt. They offer a variety of milkshakes and alcoholic drinks and I really want to try their charcuterie appetizer at some point. I think it would be a smart way of trying their in house lunch meats and cheeses. I tried a smoked turkey sandwich last year and wasn’t a huge fan of the turkey, but I think it was more the smoke flavor over anything else and that’s just personal taste. One dish costs around $15.

Meta Burger: The best vegan burger I have found, hands down. Get their classic with some fries (regular or sweet potato) and that’s all you need. They also offer milkshakes and have a larger flavor variety than Watercourse. I’m curious about their Philly cheesesteak and will have to try that one of these days as I normally get the classic burger. I mean really, there’s nothing better, especially when you’re craving a burger. It surpasses both the Beyond burger and the Impossible burger. With that said, I don’t like their mac and cheese or their Meta bites. I’m hoping that one day they sell patties and then I can make my own burgers. This place is also 100% vegan. One burger costs around $9 with a side of fries at $3.

V Revolution: While not 100% vegan, this restaurant is 100% vegetarian with a decent amount of vegan options. My favorite (and to be honest, the only main dish I’ve tried thus far) – their orange “chicken” bao. I have gotten their vegan spring rolls as well and they were tasty. I’m just so thrilled that I found a place that sells vegan bao. And on top of that, it isn’t just mushrooms or tofu, which are both fine, but it’s wonderful having fake meat options. I’m really interested in their beyond kimchi dumplings but they were sold out last time I ordered so I’ll have to try another time. Their bao is around $11.

Native Foods: Now, this is a national chain restaurant but it’s still awesome and 100% vegan. Get their Chicken Run Ranch sandwich, it’s the best and only thing you need from this place. Elisabeth likes The Real Nashville Hot but ask for them to not burn it as that’s happened in the past (it is a spicy sandwich so beware!). I don’t think their burgers are as good as their chicken so stick to the chicken if you can. Their fries are seasoned, which I don’t like, but you can ask for them to be unseasoned so thank you, Native Foods! Their sandwiches are around $12.

City O’ City deserves a shout out for having vegan pizza and lots of vegan options. I have only eaten in this restaurant once, years ago, and it wasn’t great and the service was horrible so other than getting their vegan pizza twice, I haven’t gone back. I think it’s time I return and give them another try though so perhaps sometime soon.

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