6-13-21 Mountains, pool, friends, movie

Summer is in full swing here in Colorado. The gloomy days have finally passed, I think, which makes me feel both happy and sad. Happy because it means more sun and heat and those lovely puffy white clouds I adore. But also sad because it means hot nights and the apartment’s AC is old and doesn’t really reach my bedroom. I normally wouldn’t be too concerned because I have a fan and the nights in Colorado are generally cool so we can open windows and doors and we manage fairly well. But with global warming, our summers are hotter and the nights aren’t always as cool as I need them to be. Thankfully, we get the cooler day every now and then and as I type this it’s pouring rain outside which means it’s cool enough that the 90 plus degree day has turned into a 60 degree evening and I can open the windows.

Two weekends ago I visited my parents. We drove over a little past Woodland Park and hiked on a trail called Women’s Forest Trail 375. I don’t know much about the Women’s Trail except I think it was built, or at least sponsored, by the Business and Professional Womens Clubs in 1952 (that’s what the sign at the start of the trail says, at least). It’s a 5 mile trail surrounded by pine and aspen. It’s relatively flat with a few mild inclines and the space is shared by hikers and cows alike. We didn’t pass by any cows while we were there but we did see their patties all over. My dad took his camera and his new zoom lens and got some really great shots, which you can see here (shared with his permission).

The trail was beautiful and lovely and I think we’ll have to go back again sometime so we can do the whole 5 miles, but none of us were ready for that two weeks ago. After hiking a bit we drove to Cripple Creek and the surrounding area to get even more gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding area. Little did we know that we would get to stop and see bighorn sheep on the other side of the road as we went. They were so close and there was even a baby, it was awesome. We sat there for a few minutes and just watched them. It was a good weekend.

This Friday, Elisabeth and I hosted our friend, Brittany for dinner. Shari came over too and this was the first time we had had a guest (besides Shari) in our apartment for a get together since covid. I couldn’t believe it. It was weird but also great and we ate delicious Mongolian seitan and visited for a bit.

Then, yesterday evening we had our friends, Mel and Matt, over for dinner and a quick game of Concept. Two dinners in a row! With all of our friends being vaccinated now these things are possible. And I love it. We tried out Rosenberg’s pizza and had watermelon and Fritos and just a grand old time. I would love to have them over again sometime. I really want to connect with my friends, and people in general, create a community around me of love and support, and fun! Can’t forget about fun. 😉

Shari and I went to the pool yesterday before dinner because, as first discussed, it’s very hot here these days. And while the pool itself wasn’t upgraded this year, the area surrounding it was and now we have lots of nice chairs and tables and couches to lounge on when we aren’t dipping our feet or bodies into the cold water. I loved our couple of hours at the pool and look forward to going back. I’ve been to the apartment pool three times now, which is more than I’ve ever been in a previous summer as an adult. I think covid has taught me that it’s now or never. It’s time for me to experience things I haven’t experienced before. To go to events and places here in Colorado I’ve always known about but never tried. And that also includes going swimming more and hanging out at the pool.

The other big thing I did this weekend was go to a movie theater and watch a movie this morning! For the first time since February 2020, I stepped into a movie theater and watched a movie without a mask on. Elisabeth, Shari, and I watched In the Heights, a movie based on the Broadway production that Lin Manuel Miranda got his start and fame from (as far as I’m aware). I so enjoyed it, partly because it was from Lin Manuel Miranda, partly because it was a musical, partly because it was about loving the neighborhood and community around you, and partly because I was seeing it in a theater. That’s a lot of great stuff, right?!

So now, here I am, wrapping up my weekend. I’m going to make myself a corndog and some macaroni and cheese and relax and get ready for another week. Another week of heat. A week of the new Loki show. A week of meeting a friend for happy hour. And another week of pool time? And on Friday, Shari and I will be heading back to Colorado Springs to visit my family and celebrate all of the June birthdays. June is a busy month but here I am, trying to enjoy it all!

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