6-28-21 Pancakes and Gay Movies

Banana pancakes.

I forgot to mention banana pancakes in my post yesterday. What can I say, there’s a lot going on in my life and all the details are important but sometimes they get temporarily missed.

Shari introduced me to banana pancakes this weekend and she has forever changed my view on the dish. Those golden disks are amazing. They are the bomb. Go make some asap. Take regular pancake batter and when you put the scoop of batter in the pan, put some banana slices on top. It’s heavenly. It creates these pancakes that are a little extra sweet, in a great way. Plus, it makes them creamy and gives this beautiful additional texture. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t sure I would like pancakes with bananas. We all know bananas are a strong flavor. But this combo works wonderfully. I could make a What I like Wednesday post solely on this item, but since it’s not Colorado specific it won’t be happening this year and thus here I am.

Yesterday, Elisabeth streamed two LBGTQ+ movies in honor of Pride weekend. For the first time I watched But I’m a Cheerleader and Big Eden. These movies debuted in 1999 and 2000 respectively and both had relatively happy endings, which is unusual for gay storylines. While I didn’t love either movie, Big Eden keeps popping up in my head. It made an impact on me. It was this slow story about a gay man moving from New York back to his small home town in the mountains and trying to figure out where he belongs. There was nothing too crazy and I really liked watching this small town embracing everyone and not giving a crap about a men loving men. There is something so incredibly heartwarming and affirming when stories show that a person’s sexuality doesn’t have to matter to others (because it doesn’t!). The grandpa in the movie had a wonderful and perfect reaction to his grandson being gay and I wish with all my heart that as many non-straight people in the world get that kind of reaction, or better, when they come out to those they love. It warms my heart that someone had the knowledge and soul to write that reaction back in 2000.

You can watch both of those movies for free through Tubi so I encourage everyone to make yourself some banana pancakes and watch Big Eden. It’s ok to stretch ourselves a little, to put ourselves in other’s shoes for an hour or two. Plus, it’s a happy ending and we could all use happy endings. 😉

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