What I like Wednesday: Food Events

We all gotta eat. So why not pay a lot of money and then proceed to stuff yourself for the next two hours? Have I hooked you yet? I realize that’s perhaps not the most appealing way I could have introduced the variety of food events and festivals that Denver offers throughout the year. But, while it may not be appealing, it’s definitely accurate.

The festival that really started it all for me was when the American Cheese Society came to Denver back in 2017 and I ate cheese and other charcuterie items for 1 1/2 hours. Now, this festival doesn’t occur in Denver every year, it moves around to different cities, but I still wanted to mention it because it was incredible and delicious and everyone should find a time in their lives to attend this festival if you are one who eats cheese. (They are not having one this year, but perhaps in 2022!) This was also the event that spurred me to look for other, similar events, where I could eat a bunch of different food.

And while I didn’t attend this event, I know there was a macaroni and cheese evening where you could try the dish from lots of different local restaurants.

Elisabeth and I did attend Pizza Palooza in 2019, however, where we ate pizza slices from a bunch of local places. I had fun trying pizzas I never would have tried before. These events are a fun way to try out different restaurants (especially those higher end places I never would go to) and to get a better idea of what kinds of foods and ingredients you like. It’s also great to get out of the house for a couple of hours and do something and, as I mentioned in the very beginning, we all have to eat, so why not go out and eat food you can’t get on a regular basis (oftentimes these restaurants make dishes they don’t serve in-house).

With that said, these events are also pricey. There’s a Denver Brunch Fest happening at the end of August, but it costs one person $80 after fees and taxes. Yes, you get alcohol, but that still seems very expensive to me. Especially since I don’t drink alcohol and I can’t get a cheaper ticket (give us non-drinkers a bit of a break!). The Pizza Palooza event cost $45, which is more reasonable, but still high. It should also be said that these events are usually not vegan friendly unless they’re vegan specific events.

Still, going to something like this once a year or every other year could be worth it. Keep your eyes out and your google search open and who knows what tasty festivals you’ll find.

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