What I like Wednesday: Rockies’ Fireworks Show

Everyone needs to experience the Rockies’ Fourth of July fireworks show at least once in their lives. Baseball is America’s past time, right? So it stands to reason that there’s no better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by watching a home baseball game with your friends, eating some classic fare like hot dogs and snow cones, and then watching a truly magnificent fireworks show.

That’s exactly what Shari and I, along with some of our friends, did this past Friday night. I was the only one that had experienced the show prior so I felt so excited to get to share this with others. Now, to be fair, I haven’t been to any other fireworks show in Denver since I’ve lived here, not that I can remember at least, so when I say this is the best fireworks show you can find around here, take that with a grain of salt (and then tell me where all the other awesome shows are, I want to experience them all!). With that said, this is the best fireworks show you can find around here! 😉 If you can spare the change for the ticket, I highly encourage you to go next year.

The Rockies go all out with their fireworks. They play music to go along with the fireworks and they have smaller fireworks that go off all around the stadium so you’re surrounded by light. It’s truly incredible. A couple of sections of the stadium are emptied out before the show so if you got tickets there, you get to sit out on the baseball field to watch everything go down. We didn’t sit in those sections this time but perhaps next time we will because my coworker told me that the field is full of the best, softest, nicest grass you will ever get to step on. I believe her and want to experience it for myself.

The show lasts a decent amount of time and it ends with a bang, literally. There were fireworks that looked like smiley faces, and fireworks that looked like hearts, and of course there was that classically good firework of golden rain showers. This year’s show felt to me like the Rockies were making up for 2020 and holy moly did they have some fireworks that made the loudest noise I’ve ever heard from a firework. I think they must be a recent invention. The finale was spectacular, with fireworks going off every second so that the entire skyline filled with light and sparkles and booms. There were moments that my eyes didn’t know how to focus because so much was going on. The rest of the show was good too but it’s the finale that makes this show.

I considered taking pictures of the fireworks, but, as we all know, the pictures wouldn’t quite do the event justice and I also wanted to be fully immersed in the show so you get pictures of me at the baseball game instead. You’ll just have to go to a future game yourself to see if what I’m saying here stands up.

There are two downsides to this show though: once the game is finished, the fireworks don’t start for another 45 minutes or so because of all the people that have to move onto the field. This means for those of us that get to stay in our seats, we’re just sitting around doing nothing except thinking about how late we’re going to be home. (Was that just me? No one else was concerned about their later bed time? ;)) In relation, the second downside is that you don’t get back home until close to midnight or later depending on where you parked and where you live. Still, this show is worth a watch once for those of us who don’t stay up late and worth a watch as often as you want for those of you who have later bedtimes.

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