What I like Wednesday: Local Bookstores

Full disclaimer: I don’t buy physical books very often these days so my experience with bookstores is limited. Generally, my go to is to check out an ebook from the library, but local bookstores still have their place and I can still appreciate and endorse them so here I am with this post. While I may not be into physical books, I know many people are, and what better way to support that love than to also support a local business?

Denver has lots of bookstores so there’s no way I can list or know them all but there are a few I’m aware of:

Tattered Cover: probably the most popular and most well known bookstore in Denver. This company has four locations and will likely open up others in the near future. I’ve been to the store off Colfax and found it had that classic bookstore feeling everyone thinks of when they hear the phrase “local bookstore”. Multiple levels with chairs scattered throughout. They also have events throughout the year with author signings and book clubs and the like.

BookBar: This bookstore winebar combo let’s you feel cool in that hipstery way the moment you walk in. This is the venue where I watched Bite Size and then just last year I purchased the anthology of the plays that their publishing company printed. So not only do they sell books, not only do they sell drinks and light fare, they also support the performing arts. If that’s not enough to sell you on visiting the place, 10% of every purchase goes toward their non-profit company, BookGive. BookGive collects donated books and gives them out for free to places like prisons, shelters, and schools in need.

Mile High Comics: You know I gotta mention a comic shop in here or I’d be failing as the leader of my Comic Book Meetup. Mile High Comics is housed in a giant warehouse on the north side of Denver and is most likely the biggest comic shop around (maybe ever?). Their website is atrocious though so it’s way better to go into the store than try to find anything online. I’ve only been there once, for Free Comic Book Day a few years ago, but the staff was super friendly and looked up multiple comics for me (sadly they didn’t have any of the ones I wanted but I think they would have been willing to order them if I had asked). Shari gets many of her comics from this store and this really is the place to go.

Mutiny Information Cafe: This cafe bookstore is also another good place to go for comics, although it’s a much smaller store than Mile High since it’s right off Broadway. But it makes up for its size (which actually isn’t that small) by also selling records, having pinball machines, and hosting events like Saturday Morning cereal and cartoons. They’ll even buy books off of you since they sell used product too (this is not a guarantee they’ll buy whatever you bring in). This store may also give you some hipster vibes with their coffee and pastry bar in the corner and the fact that they have their own podcast….They may actually have 4 podcasts if I’m reading their website correctly. I like this place because they sponsor a Denver Community Fridge and they were a location for The Lost Book of Astrid Lee hunt.

Second Star to the Right Children’s Books: I’ve never been inside this store but Elisabeth has when she purchased books for her nephews a couple years ago. I just love the idea that there is an entire store dedicated to children’s books. Makes me think of You’ve Got Mail and who doesn’t like that movie? This store did a puzzle swap earlier this spring where you could donate your used but complete puzzle and get another used but complete puzzle in return. I just missed it but I love the idea and hope they do it again in the future. They have story time every day and lots of events and groups.

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One thought on “What I like Wednesday: Local Bookstores

  1. We took you girls to the Tattered Cover when we lived in Denver. Do you remember? I love that there is a children’s bookstore!

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