What I like Wednesday: Goldsmith Vet and VRCC Animal Hospital

Pippin has been having stomach issues for the past two plus weeks which has resulted in me taking him to both my vet and to an animal hospital. It’s been extremely stressful, scary, and overwhelming. Last week and weekend was absolutely insane and emotionally draining, but Pippin is home now and that in itself is a relief. He is on a handful of pills for a few more days before he’ll only have to take one pill a day. And hopefully that’ll eventually be reduced to zero pills. I’ll be taking him to the vet this Friday and taking him back to the animal hospital in two weeks for a follow up ultrasound and blood work. This cat has been through so much. But he would be in worse shape if the staff at VRCC Animal Hospital didn’t take care of him. I think they saved his life. Possibly twice. It’s been real rough and we’re still facing some unknown about his future but I think he’ll live because of their support.

The doctors at VRCC kept me apprised throughout Pippin’s stays there and they remained calm when I felt panicked and lost. I am so grateful they took care of him and were able to get him in better shape. My vet, Goldsmith, has called me multiple times to check in on how Pippin and I are doing and to schedule an appointment for me to talk about long term care. I didn’t even have to call them. When VRCC sent them Pippin’s information, they took the initiative to call me. I’m grateful for them too. There’s no way I could stay as steadfast as these two staffs stayed so they deserve a lot of credit for being that way day in and day out. I am so so thankful they were there to take care of my cat. There’s still many more kisses I must bestow upon him. 😉

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