7-30-21 Heading to a more normal

I have the whole weekend to myself. Just me and Pippin. I initially planned on going camping with Shari and Elisabeth and Shari’s family this weekend but I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Pippin by himself and I didn’t feel comfortable making someone else give him pills when it was a struggle for me. It’s a little less of a struggle now because I’m getting better at staying calm and shoving pills down my cat’s throat, but it’s not fun regardless and it’s time consuming and still a tiny bit stressful. Thankfully, treats help and he’ll be down to one pill by Monday.

Pippin and I went to the vet today. My actual, normal vet, and not the animal hospital, thank you very much. This was to check on him and see how he was doing and start talking about long term care. The vet started him on a B12 shot that he’ll get once a week for four weeks and then once a month after that. I also now have prescription food and probiotics that I will slowly introduce into his diet to help his tummy stay chill and his gut biome to have all that good bacteria every gut biome needs and craves. Anyone know if pet insurance would be useful for me to get? Anyone have any experience having it and using it?

So here I am, alone in the apartment because both Shari and Elisabeth went camping, as they should have (I’ll join them some other weekend!). It means I have time to write a blog post because for the first time in two weeks I’m not emotionally drained or crying about my cat. I’m still worried about him, but the worry is lessening, thankfully. I owe a lot to Shari, Elisabeth, and my family. Shari met me at the animal hospital that first evening and took me back to the animal hospital the next day. Elisabeth drove Pippin to the animal hospital when I was visiting my parents and she found him almost unresponsive on the kitchen floor. My parents and Kaitlin offered to come stay with me while I waited for news from the doctor about how he was doing. It’s been a nightmare, but I’ve been able to get through it because of those people. Thank goodness.

I hope to relax a tiny bit this weekend. I went to the pool earlier today but it wasn’t as fun without Shari and Elisabeth. I hung out with Kora for a few minutes since I’m taking care of her while Shari is gone. And I finally put together my plant cross stitch that’s been sitting in the back of my closet for maybe 5 months. Yay! Not much has gone on other than that because my time has all been focused on Pippin. But hopefully moving forward I’ll have more fun and light activities to blog about. Don’t get me wrong, I know life has its ups and downs and the downs are important too to acknowledge and thus here I am, but I really like the ups and really want a few ups right now. 😉 So we’ll see what I get up to tomorrow.

One thought on “7-30-21 Heading to a more normal

  1. Such great pictures – I love how Pippin is snuggled up to you – and those green eyes! Just relax this weekend, catch up on things you’ve put off… enjoy your baby. AND, know that you are so loved.

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