What I like Wednesday: Free Comic Book Day

Ok, I know that Free Comic Book Day isn’t a Colorado only thing, but I’m still gonna talk about it because it’s awesome and I’m grateful to the stores around here that support it. Normally, Free Comic Book Day is in May, but this year, due to covid, it’s on August 14th 2021. That means if you read this in the next two to three days you can take advantage of this cool event. Free Comic Book Day, which I will now refer to as FCBD, is a day where you can get a select number of comics for free. There are around 50 free issues you can get from publishers such as Dark Horse, Marvel, Titan, and Boom!Studios. This is a great time to grab a couple issues that peek your interest. This year I hope to get the Critical Role, Dungeon is Back, and Avatar comics!

The first year I participated in FCBD, I went to Mile High Comics, you know, that giant warehouse with that horrible website (I’m sorry, I just can’t get over how horrible their website is.) There was a giant line out the door for a specific comic (Elfquest I think?) so that was confusing. But once I figured out I didn’t need to wait in that line, and once I asked someone how the free comics worked, I got a handful of comics to read and look over. It’s pretty incredible that a bunch of different publishers are willing to print a load of comics, ship them to comic shops, and let the comic shops give them out for free. What a great way to introduce new readers to comics!

This year, I plan on going to Mutiny Café to grab my free comics. They’re going one step further this year too and will be hosting Mutiny Con August 13-15 to celebrate comics, their creators, and their fans in honor of FCBD. It sounds awesome and is yet another reason everyone should visit this eclectic shop at least once.

So, if you’ve never read a comic or weren’t sure where to start, take that plunge along with me. Go into a comic shop, stare at all the comics in wonder and fear, and then select a couple to take home. Ask for help if you aren’t sure what to do because you’ll know I’ll be right there too, in Mutiny Café, asking what the hell I’m supposed to be doing. 😉

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