What I Like Wednesday: Blue Sushi

Blue Sushi. The largest selection of both vegan sushi and delicious sushi I have ever found. This is not a local establishment, it is in multiple states, but who can blame them for that? It’s just so great that it deserves to be in all the places. I can’t figure out where the chain originated so I’m going to pretend that it was first dreamed up here in Denver. 😉

Feel hip and cool even before you step inside the restaurant when you spot the scrap metal octopus welcoming you in right above the door. I knew from that moment that I would like this place. I’m always a supporter of creative, cute, and crafty signs. Gotta have some fun in life and this sign is fun! Inside the restaurant is just as stylish with big swooping blue ceilings installations, wood pillars, large windows, and hot pink soy sauce art.

But we all know the real reason one would come to this place – the sushi! My two favorite vegan sushi are the Cowgirl and the Shiitake to Me sushi. The Cowgirl is a bbq sushi. Here’s the description straight from the menu: pickle vegan tempura, sriracha-fried onion rings, bbq paper, vegan mayo, tonkatsu sauce. I don’t think there’s any other kind of sushi close to this. A pickle with a bbq paper wrap? I mean, how inventive is that?! It’s not just inventive though, it’s freaking delicious.

Shiitake To Me sushi

My other favorite sushi, the Shiitake To Me is made from: mushrooms sautéed in coconut milk, shiitake and sweet potato tempura, truffle oil, Thai basil, and sweet soy sauce. Now, I don’t usually like mushrooms, but this stuff I could eat two full orders of without blinking. I can’t taste the mushrooms at all, just the delectable flavors and the fantastic crunch of those crispy mushrooms. Besides, any sushi that has sweet potato tempura is a winner.

I also enjoyed the V.L.T. sushi and will be getting that again for sure. The great thing about this restaurant is that every Tuesday is Vegan Tuesday where some of their vegan options are slightly cheaper. Thank you for offering this! Not only are they allowing me to get my Cowgirl sushi plus try some other ones (that’s how I tried the VLT), but they’re also encouraging non-vegans to try out the tasty dishes.

With such great sushi, do expect to spend $9-10 per roll with each roll generally coming in either 5 or 8 pieces. So go in knowing that you’re going to spend some money on yourself. But you’re worth it and the sushi is worth it. I’ll see ya’ll at Blue Sushi next Tuesday, save me a seat. 😉

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