8-26-21 Fun times during the week

Tuesday was Shari’s birthday! She and I went to Park Burger for dinner. Originally one of Shari’s favorite places for a burger, the fact that they no longer offer her preferred burger nor their tasty brussel sprouts, I think she may be rethinking where she wants to go next time. I’m guessing Bull and Bush because that’s a classic haunt for her. Still, we had a pleasant meal as we discussed wisdom and friendship and all those fun topics. The fries were super tasty and Shari got a free milkshake so the evening was not ruined. Besides, the burgers we got were still good.

After dinner we stopped by a nearby park and walked the Cherry Creek Trail for a while. I enjoyed people watching as we sat on a bench. We met a cute, giant poodle mix puppy who wanted to be our friends so terribly badly and I saw a young lady gently brush the leaves above her as she biked under a tree. There was another woman standing by the creek doing yoga and of course plenty of people zoomed by us on their fancy bikes. It felt so good to walk after filling myself with too much burger and I’m so grateful I got to spend the evening with Shari in celebration of her birthday.

Art at Stanley Marketplace

Yesterday, I went out and about again to meet up with my new acquaintance, Ruby, who is in Denver on a work assignment. She’ll be here off and on for at least a year so she’s trying to build a bit of a community for herself. I don’t blame her, I would feel very lonely staying in an extended stay hotel for a month at a time. So me, Shari, and Aeri met up with her at Stanley Marketplace for dinner. We ate at Misaki Sushi and were lucky enough to get seated at a table made out of an old motorized scooter. They attached a wood board to the top of it and voila, an eating surface. I felt pretty cool as I hung up my bag on the scooter’s handle. The sushi was good, of course, as always (get the Green Monster!), and it was very pleasant spending time with those three ladies. We took Ruby to Sweet Cow Ice Cream after even though we were all full of sushi and everyone got some dessert.

Now I have two evenings off from any events or social interactions so I think I’ll get some me time in before heading out into the world once again this weekend.

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