What I like Wednesday: Animal Sanctuaries

For those animals that find themselves in less than ideal conditions due to the arrogance of humans, it’s places like The Wild Animal Sanctuary and Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary that rescues, rehomes, and rehabilitates them. They provide abused animals a new and better life. I’ve had the privilege of visiting both places years ago and I wanted to shed light on them for today’s What I like Wednesday. If you’re looking for an organization to support financially, consider one of these. If you’re looking for something to do by yourself, with friends, or with family, consider visiting these sanctuaries.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary, at the time of my visit, had only one location out in Keenesburg (about 45 minutes from Denver), but now I see that they have another location in Springfield, CO (4 hours south of Denver) and one in Texas. Neither of these new locations are open to visitors, but that’s not the point of these sanctuaries anyway. The point is to rescue as many large carnivores as they can. The location in Keenesburg is 789 acres but the location near Springfield is 9,000 acres. Springfield is the place all future rescued animals will go which makes my heart so incredibly happy to learn. As someone who reduces my animal product consumption as much as I am able, and is a proponent of animal welfare, I have a hard time supporting zoos and any place that keeps animals in tight quarters. So knowing that many animals in need will be going to this giant chunk of land gives me hope.

It costs $50 per adult to visit The Wild Animal Sanctuary. I admit, that is expensive, especially since there’s only 1 and a half miles of walkway. But, I get it, the sanctuary wants you to know that this isn’t a zoo. This is a place to save animals who were “abused, abandoned, illegally kept, or were victims of other terrible situations.” If you’re going to visit, you’re going to help them stay sustainable and you’re going to learn about these animals and their lives. You will enjoy yourself, too, of course, I mean, who doesn’t feel excited when getting to see lions or tigers. But it’s a more serious affair than the zoo.

Another place that supports animals is Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary. This sanctuary rescues farm animals like cows, goats, and pigs. In the past, people could bring vegetables and fruit to the sanctuary and feed the animals for an entrance fee. I believe due to staffing, visiting policies have changed, but they did have events this summer that cost only $15 per person. I’m sure they will have more opportunities in the future. Again, like the previous organization, allowing the public to visit and pet animals isn’t really the purpose of this place, although it is a fun benefit. The point is to help those creatures in bad situations have a safe space to live out the rest of their lives. Visit if you can and if you’re interested, but be ok if you can’t go when you want to. Broken Shovels is in Commerce City so it may be a bit more accessible than the Wild Animal Sanctuary and it is definitely cheaper.

There’s a lot of fun activities to do in and around Denver. Sometimes it’s nice to do something fun while also supporting a good cause and I think the two places above are some of those good causes. Here’s to them being a part of this state for a very long time.

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