Wrestling and Camping

Last Friday I met up with some of my friends to watch a free, local, WWE style wrestling show. We attended this event in honor of Amanda’s birthday. I felt excited to go because I had never attended a wrestling match before. Heck, I had never even watched one on tv. The festivities took place at Bierstadt Lagerhouse (previously C Squared), so you know Shari and I had to order the giant ass pretzel. We didn’t actually realize how large it was until it was delivered to our table but thankfully our friends were up for sharing with us and so we easily ate the delicious monstrosity. Cause that thing was delicious. Maybe the best soft pretzel I’ve had, at least recently. I would definitely recommend it and I heard great things about the cheese sauce too.

So we ate our giant pretzel and watched wrestlers take the ring and show their skills and determination. I had a blast. I really enjoy screaming and shouting but I rarely get the chance to really go at it so that evening was a special treat for me. I cheered and I booed and I shouted “take off your jacket” to the host who kept asking us if he should take off his jacket. (By the time I joined in on the shouting, I was so sick of him asking us about his jacket I wanted him to just take it off. I mean, my gosh, he had a shirt on underneath so who the hell cared?) Shari and I didn’t stay until the end of the evening because I was getting real tired and we were gonna try to get up somewhat early and head over to Wyoming the next day to camp with Shari’s family! So we said goodbye to our friends and to the wrestlers, grabbed some Voodoo Donuts on the way home, and hopped in bed.

Saturday morning we drove to Medicine Bow National Forest where we met up with her family to camp for two nights. Shari’s parents have a new camper that they brought and which thoroughly amazed me. I had never stepped in a camper before (not even an RV). I had no idea how large it was. How luxurious. They had running water and a flushing toilet. They had a fridge and a freezer. They had a bedroom! And a really nice table with bench seating. I was in awe.

Saturday afternoon, Shari, Angi, and I took the two 4 wheelers and drove over to Vedauwoo (pronounced Veed-a-voo) where we hiked around a bit and climbed some rocks. I rode on a 4 wheeler for the first time ever. And I drove it too! It was fun. We watched people rock climbing as we ourselves traversed some easier rocks to get down to the hiking trail. On our loop back to the 4 wheelers we spotted a mama deer on one side of us and a baby deer on the other. We all stood still for a good minute, taking each other in, before the mother quietly continued on her predetermined path.

We played a couple of card games while camping and I’m pleased to report that while I got last place in the first game, I won the second game. It’s all thanks to Shari and her family giving me tips and tricks on how to strategize. On Sunday we went hiking to a hidden waterfall that was really pretty. In order to truly see the waterfall you had to walk through the stream that the waterfall produced. I didn’t get right up to it because that water was COLD. But Angi got all the way there and reported back to us on how lovely it was. The small glimpse I got was enough. I have no clue how some of the people I saw dunked their entire bodies in.

We had lots of great food while we were there thanks to Shari’s parents prepping and cooking stuff all the time. And I got to see stars both nights, which is always a pleasure. We made it back home Monday where I had a couple of hours of down time before I watched Free Guy with Elisabeth and her friend, Alyssa. Alyssa treated us to dinner after and needless to say I slept so incredibly well that night.

Tuesday was a video chat with my meetup gang, Wednesday was dinner with Shari (we made a new, tasty nacho dip), and Thursday was grocery shopping and a video chat with Edward. Tonight I’m going to relax! These busy days are full of laughter and fun and I wouldn’t change it. Here’s to everyone having a happy and content weekend.

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