9-13-21 Out and about in Denver

Shari now knows why I like City Park Farmer’s Market. Food, food, food. I took her there this past Saturday morning and we started our time there splitting the vegan biscuits and gravy from The Easy Vegan. Best vegan biscuits I’ve found. And best vegan gravy. So it was a score for me. The biscuits were large enough that Shari and I each had one and felt satisfied and full when finished. The gravy was topped with fried onions and fresh chopped green onions to complete the mini masterpiece. I picked up some delicious strawberry grapefruit jam and a few Palisade peaches along our stroll and left feeling glad that I was able to visit the market one more time this season. Shari left with pumpkin spice popcorn and turmeric latte mix. The market itself focuses on locally made and sourced food so it’s a food heavy market, which is totally fine by me. They’re still running for a few more weeks so check them out if you have time.

After the market, we stopped at Michaels so I could grab some yellow felt to make a belt for my Squirrel Girl costume and purchase a frame for a butterfly picture that Emmy colored for me about two years ago. After seeing the clip on earrings in person, I gave up on the idea of making a pair for my Squirrel Girl costume because I knew they’d hurt my ears too much and I’d just end up taking them off. Shari suggested I make a necklace instead, out of the acorns I gathered from my vacation, so I think I will look into that. It’s a nice compromise.

Shari, Elisabeth, and I attempted to have a pool party later that day since our apartment pool is closing tomorrow but we only managed to have one friend, Aeri, join us out of the 9 people we invited. That didn’t deter me from enjoying myself, of course, and I was happy to have Aeri for company. So Shari and I hung out at the pool for 4 or 5 hours and Elisabeth joined us after work and we swam around, lounged in the hot tub, and ate a lot of salsa and hummus. I have gotten such joy and relaxation from the pool this summer. I even bought myself a floaty and have loved sitting in it and floating around the pool. Lots of other people have also enjoyed borrowing it which makes me happy to pass along the fun. I am looking forward to cooler weather and better air quality but I will miss my pool time.

With Shari’s help I finally discovered a decent way of making 95% vegan marshmallows (rice krispies cereal have D3 in it so it’s not 100% vegan). The secret? Use the microwave to melt the marshmallows instead of the stove. Vegan marshmallows are sweeter than non-vegan ones so the finished product still doesn’t taste the same to me, but it’s close and will have to be close enough. I put coco powder and chocolate chips in one of my mini batches and I think those were great additions. I’ll have to keep experimenting to see if I can find a way to reduce the sweetness a bit but this recent set I made for the pool party turned out great.

Sunday, Shari and I dropped off compost and then went walking along a trail at deKoevend park again. We took the Big Dry Creek trail this time instead of the Highline Canal trail because we wanted to explore a different path. The Highline Canal trail is definitely better because the path is wider there and is situated behind houses so it’s a little more secluded. I still appreciated the Big Dry Creek trail and was glad to get some exercise and see a new part of Littleton. When we got back I did some things around the apartment including hanging up some more artwork in my bedroom. Now the new art piece I bought a couple weeks ago is easily seen and enjoyed every time I’m in there. Then we went to the park and had a comic book meetup where we ate snacks, discussed a comic none of us particularly liked, and said goodbye to our friend, Kiarra, who will be moving soon to LA to pursue acting (be on the lookout for her, she’s great!). Thankfully I’ll get to see Kiarra one more time before she leaves. I was telling my friend, Mel, that this part of life, of staying in a place and people coming and going around you, is sad. At the same time, I can’t avoid it. And hell, maybe one day I’ll be the person moving off somewhere (although I have no plans, life can be surprising). The meetup was a wonderful way to end my weekend.

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