What I like Wednesday: Colorado Farms & U-Pick Options

Back in the long long ago when I was still in high school and living in Washington State, I had the pleasure of going to a blueberry farm and picking my own blueberries (thanks, Mom, for taking me!). As an adult, I’ve had the desire to go back to a farm and pick my own fruit, but I’ve still yet to do it, mostly because it’s extremely hard to reserve a time and because these farms are a decent drive away. Even so, the fact that Colorado has a handful of local farms and u-pick options, means it is mandatory to dedicate a What I like Wednesday post about it all!

A few weekends ago, Elisabeth, Shari, and I made the trek out to YaYa Farm and Orchard to try out their apple cider donuts. While we weren’t able to pick apples, we were able to wander around the farm’s shop and the nearby surrounding area. The orchards were closed off but we did see a tiny bit of them so that was nice. YaYa’s set up an area for picnic tables where visitors can sit and eat their purchased donuts and apples and sip their apple cider and apple cider tea. Two donkeys and a horse strolled around their pens right next to the tables and they were friendly enough that you could easily pet them. We didn’t end up getting any apples because the minimum purchase for those had to be $15 and that was too much for us (I don’t like apples all that much so I wasn’t willing to risk getting loads of them just to throw them out or give them away). The shop did sell many apple products including jams, salsas, and butters. I am sad to say that I thought the apple cider donut was too oily and fried but Elisabeth and Shari loved them enough to get more. They thought they were delicious and a great cross between a donut and an apple fritter.

The farm was an hour away so it’s not a trip I’d make often. If you go, I’d definitely suggest you plan other activities, like a walk (which is what we did). It’s worth a visit once to taste the donuts and, if you love apples, try out varieties you cannot get in stores. I did like the sips of apple cider and tea that I tried.

Another farm I want to visit sometime is Berry Patch Farms. They offer strawberry picking. I attempted to schedule a time for myself this past September but holy moly, it was like trying to get Comic Con tickets – the process was intense and devastating when I inevitably failed to reserve a spot. They had a whole online ticketing system and it opened at a certain time on a certain day. I went to the website on the hour, literally within 15 seconds of the clock turning, and the website was too full of people that it told me it couldn’t load. I kept trying for 10 minutes to no success. So I came back like an hour later and all the spots were sold. Who knew so many people wanted to pick strawberries as badly as me? I want to know what kind of internet connection they have! So Berry Patch Farms is still on my to do list for another year. The point is, people seem to like this place so check it out if you can and let me know what it’s like.

If you don’t have time to drive out to Longmont or Brighton for a visit, but you do frequent farmer markets in the warmer months, you’ll likely see Miller Farms stands at many of the local Colorado markets (they even make it up to Cheyenne, WY). They are known for their delicious cantaloupe so grab yourself one if you have the chance (it’s really delicious, especially if you add some tajin, a Mexican spice mix). They have an online ordering system where you can order smaller quantities of fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis that they then deliver to you.

And you know I gotta give another shout out to my friend, Alyssa’s, family farm – Brown Dog Farm. You can find them at Pearl St Farmer’s Market.

All these farms have CSAs throughout the year for those of you who can afford a share. I’m sure there are other farms out there in the Denver metro area so I’ll keep my eyes out and support them when I can. I appreciate all the hard work and time these people take to grow us vegetables and fruit, thank you Colorado farmers!

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