What I like Wednesday: Indoor Activities

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

With colder weather upon us, it’s always a struggle for me to truly enjoy the winter months. It’s just so cold, my fingers and toes and, and sometimes even my core, freeze to where I’m unable to focus on anything other than my chilled bones. This is when indoor activities really come in handy. Today I gather some of them in one spot to encourage others to give them a go and to reference them myself when I’m sitting at home under a blanket wishing for warmer temperatures again.

Night at the Museum: I know I’ve already posted about museums but I can’t help but mention this yearly event. Usually every November (this year it’s on November 6, 2021), many museums in the Denver Metro area are open from 5pm to 10pm for free admission. There’s even buses that will drive you around so you don’t have to worry about finding parking at each museum you want to visit. I’ve participated in this event multiple times and would suggest you pick two, maybe three museums to visit. If you’re like me and you are a bit of a slow explorer when it comes to museums, it means you’ll end up spending more time at one museum than perhaps you planned so keep that in mind and be flexible. The great part is, this event will happen again next year so you can check out a different museum then. You can also reserve many museum passes for free from the local library districts if you can’t make Night at the Museum and of course you can always pay the admission fee and go at any time. My recommendation would be to do the Art Museum first because you can never get in for free at this one, so it is the best deal.

Escape Rooms: While escape rooms are pricier than I’d prefer (around $30 per person for 1 hour), they are a good option once or twice a year for a fun, if not somewhat stressful, experience. Denver boasts a good amount of options including Escapology, Epic Escape Game, Puzzah!, and Puzzle Effect. They’re all roughly the same so it’s only a matter of what kind of escape room calls to you and how far you’re willing to drive. I think escape rooms are best with 4 to 5 people and you know you deserve to get your photo taken afterward with all the silly garb they offer.

Indoor Mini Golf: I forget about mini golf more often than not but it’s a great option. And now, thanks to some smart thinkers, it’s a great option in the winter too because indoor mini golf exists. I’ve yet to visit one of these places but I hope to this winter. I’m intrigued by Monster Mini Golf ($11 for adults), that boasts a black light course. There’s also Urban Putt, which has two courses. However, their courses look smaller so you’d probably do both, which would cost $14. Even if you only do these courses once, it’s probably still worth a go.

Top Golf: Now, this isn’t an indoor activity, but the bays do have heated lamps in the colder months so it’s a choice for those of you who can handle the cold a bit better than me. It’s more difficult than mini golf but you do get to hit the ball as hard as you want on this one so that’s fun. Go with a group of friends to keep the cost lower.

Meow Wolf: I haven’t been here but it’s something I very much want to do so I had to list this experience too. A 4-storied building is filled with art exhibitions and installations that creates a story of transformation. Each ticket is $35 for Colorado residents, $45 otherwise. That is pricy, although roughly the same cost as an escape room, and I’ve been told you can easily spend two hours, if not longer, wandering around.

Shout out to bowling, movies, karaoke (another option, another option!), and the Colorado Symphony which offer more possibilities for winter time fun. Turns out there’s lots to do around here in the fall and winter, you just have to look. I’d love to know what other activities you all do to keep yourself warm and happy!

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