11-20-21 Friendsgiving & Other Happenings

Print gifted by Mel

This past Tuesday I had some friends over for what I was calling Friendsgiving but was really just a few of us eating delicious chili that Shari made. I decided I wasn’t up for making Thanksgiving stuffing twice in two weeks and no one else seemed at all interested in doing Thanksgiving-esque dishes so chili, cornbread, potatoes, and home baked bread it was. You know what, it was perfect. I really just wanted to hang out with my friends, anyway. Anytime that I start to think, “Should I move to another state, Colorado is so expensive to live here,” I then think about how my family lives here and all the friends I have and all the activities I love doing here (see Colorado list) and realize Colorado is my home for a while longer. You’re not getting rid of me yet, Colorado!

So dinner with my friends was lovely and I laughed a lot. I have some funny and enjoyable friends and I feel so incredibly lucky. I mean, Mel is in the middle of Nanowrimo and she made the time to come and relax for a few hours! She even brought me a gift of a pilea peperomioides art print (see above). Do you know how incredibly thoughtful that is? She knew it was on my #30 before 40 list to own one and she said that perhaps this can count as “owning” one. Mel, you’re an amazing friend and I love you! She also left me with some broccoli, I mean, is there a better friend out there? I think not! 😉 I’m looking forward to going to her place in December and doing a cookie exchange, I think I’m going to have to make those vegan jam thumbprint cookies again because they are always a hit. But if I don’t get around to it, no biggie, Shari, Elisabeth, and I are going to Shari’s parents’ house in early December for their annual cookie extravaganza where we’ll make hundreds of cookies. We’ll have some leftovers I can bring I think.

Check out that good blood (and bicep!)

On Thursday, I got to play a role playing game for the first time in 3-4 years. It’s been too long! My awesome friend, Kiarra, agreed to be the game manager (GM) of an Avatar: The Last Airbender rpg. I was and am thrilled. I am playing a fire bender sage apprentice named Nao-la and this first session was a challenge as I decided my character tries very hard to not show great emotion. For those that know me well, I show lots of emotion in my day to day life. I get and feel excited and I let it out! So it was difficult for me to try to remember to reign it in. But that’s what rpg’s are for, trying out new personalities and stretching yourself. We have another session scheduled in a couple of weeks so I am interested to see where our characters take us.

Piece I like

Yesterday, I went to the blood doctor for my six month check up and happy days, my platelets are still normal! You know, this was legit the first time in 2 1/2 years that I knew in my gut they would be normal. Last time, I knew up until a few days prior to the test and then my brain started telling me, “I bet you’re down again.” Thanks, brain. But I didn’t have those thoughts this time around, finally. Still, I literally skipped to my car because even if I know that my platelets are behaving, it’s still a relief to have bloodwork and a doctor confirm. Plus, the technician gave me the dinosaur wrap for my arm so I don’t think the visit could have gone better. 😉 I danced around the apartment with Pippin when I got back, singing a variety of phrases like, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, “F*ck yeah!”, and “I’m normal!”. Pippin was not nearly as pleased as me.

“Meh” piece

Today I painted a couple of abstract pieces based off of the work from Ejaaz Haniff. I really like this artist’s work and decided I could try to make similar pieces to both save myself money and to learn more about color theory and creating art. I’m pleased with the piece above and will likely frame it at some point. I made another piece that I’m not as delighted with but I’m still proud of trying. Can’t improve if I never put paint to paper. I also got myself to Goodwill and bought some frames for my recently acquired art prints (see above). Couldn’t find one for my pilea print so that will have to be another trip. It’s been a good Saturday thus far and will continue to be as I’m going to Watercourse with Shari and Elisabeth in celebration of my birthday next week. It shall be a lovely evening!

One thought on “11-20-21 Friendsgiving & Other Happenings

  1. This blog made me so happy. It’s filled with joy, triumphs, fun, friendship, good food, good times and art. Here’s to a lovely life!

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