12-6-21 Thanksgiving & Daily Life

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now my Christmas tree is up and I’ve been wearing Christmas socks the past few days. Am I finally starting to feel in the Christmas spirit? Yes! Seeing the Christmas lights on houses as I drove around running errands last Thursday and putting up the tree yesterday is getting me in the mood. Bring on the Christmas songs and the marshmallow fireside candle.

Before all the holiday fun though, I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving day with my family. I loved getting that time with them. Kaitlin and I turned 33 together! Shari and Elisabeth also came with me so the trip was full of laughter and smiles. We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on Thanksgiving as Shari and I colored and Elisabeth worked on some bracelets. I colored this beautiful nature spirit I found on Just Color, a website that has so many free coloring pages you are bound to find something you like. I think I might frame it and hang it up, I just like this drawing so much and my coloring isn’t bad either.

We decorated felt flags, played Sushi Go and bananagrams, and just had a good time overall. And, of course, you know Kaitlin brought over some beautifully decorated cookies because she just can’t not do that, so we each had our own monogrammed cookie to use as a placeholder at our seats. She also found some tasty vegan bread that she baked. Ollie was sick that week so we sadly did not see him or Kevin as they were understanding and kind and stayed home so the rest of us wouldn’t get sick. I very much appreciate that!

Shari and I then went to her parents’ house in Cheyenne that Friday afternoon and spent the rest of the weekend with Shari’s family. We played a couple of card games, built gingerbread houses, put up the Christmas tree, and had a Tailgate themed “Thanksgiving” dinner. We had vegan cocktail meatballs and fried cauliflower tacos for me and lovingly curated smoked brisket for the meat eaters. Angi made cute turkey and cheese sandwiches too. It was an exhausting but fun five days. Shari and I also finished watching the latest season of Great British Bake Off that weekend so if any of you want to chat about it with me, you know where to find me!

This past Wednesday I roped Shari and our friend, Jason, into going on a little outing with me to run errands and eat pizza. I had been planning on getting my knives sharpened for a couple of months now and decided that Wednesday was the day. Because Jason got off work at 5pm, we raced over to The Knife Guys, the place I was bringing my knives to, because the place closes at 5:30pm. For those in the Denver area, you know it’s not guarantee what the highway will be like at rush hour so I wasn’t sure we would make it. I parked the car at 5:25, grabbed the knives from the trunk, and dashed off. I thought the place was right at the corner where I parked so I jogged over there only to discover it was some architectural place. I looked around wildly, knowing my time was ticking down until they locked the doors on me, and I saw the building across the street. Thankfully the light was green just how I needed it so I ran over there, pushed open the door, and ran to the counter. The guy finished helping the sole customer and then beckoned me to come over. I walked over as quickly as I could, saying, “I know you’re about to close, I’m sorry, I just want to drop off knives, and oh, I didn’t wear my mask! I’m so sorry. I left my mask in the car!” Now, the guy himself didn’t have a mask on, which doesn’t bother me cause I’m vaccinated, but with the new mask mandate back in place in Denver, I definitely am supposed to be wearing one even if he isn’t. I felt bad. He handled my out of breath apology really well, though. He was just like, “Don’t worry about it, ma’am. It’s ok. You’ve made it in time. You don’t need to wear a mask. Here, let me take those knives.” He probably thought I was going to throw them at him and dash back out in the hurried state I was in. He got my phone number and told me I could pay when I picked them up. “Oh thank goodness,” I said, “because it turns out I forgot my wallet too. I don’t have a mask and I don’t have a wallet!” I was clearly a bit frazzled. He said no problem. “The knives will be ready at 10am tomorrow but you just come back whenever you can, ok?” he said kindly. This guy is definitely on Santa’s nice list. I went back Friday evening, picked up the knives, and as I was getting back in the car, Shari (who had come with me again), pointed out that the guy was motioning at me and talking to his two coworkers. I think he was regaling them with the story of a crazy lady crashing into his store without a mask or money. At least I’m in someone’s story. 😉

So after dropping off the knives, we went to Pie Hole so I could try their vegan pizza. They always have a vegan slice available. Sadly, it was spicier than I would have preferred so I’ll have to go back some time and order a whole pizza where I choose all the toppings myself. Still, it was wonderful to relax in a restaurant with Shari and Jason and eat pizza without feeling guilty.

I got my covid booster this past Thursday and while I did feel achy, sore, and tired the next day, it only lasted a day and ibuprofen was pretty sufficient in staving off the symptoms. Besides, I’ll get a covid booster anytime if it means I can continue living my life in public, getting to see my friends and family, and not getting covid.

This past Saturday, I drove back down to the Springs for a few hours so I could see Ollie and Kevin and spend a bit more time with my family in general. My mom and dad decorated their living room with unicorns to have a Unicorn Party for Emily, which she absolutely loved. There were unicorn cupcakes, unicorn flags, unicorn wands, and of course, unicorn presents. I didn’t know so many unicorn toys existed in the world (although I should have guessed). It was a fun afternoon.

Then I headed back home so I could go to the Parade of Lights with Shari. We amazingly found free street parking only a couple blocks away from the parade. We ended up in a spot where it was hard to see but we still got to see a bit of the parade and I ended up enjoying myself. Lots of great high school and college marching bands serenaded us with both Christmas and secular music. I saw the decked out low riders again as well as the flame throwers. I also got to see Jake Jabs, the owner of American Furniture Warehouse, in person! He is a famous Coloradan from my childhood, him and his white tigers (which, let’s be honest, isn’t great, but as a kid I was mesmerized), so it was fun seeing him on his float with a giant white tiger balloon floating behind.

Yesterday I got to play the Avatar rpg again thanks to my friend, Kiarra. I enjoyed it so much and really will have to get my butt in gear sometime soon to run a D&D one shot or start up my campaign again because I have such fun role playing. It’s on my #30 before 40 list so it has to happen, right? 😉

Elisabeth and I also went through our apartment and worked on a list of which item belonged to which person. It took us a few hours but we’re basically done, just have a few more items we have to divvy up. I’ve still yet to find an apartment, but I keep telling myself I still have plenty of time. Can’t ignore it forever though, at some point I’m going to have to bite the bullet and sign a lease. Adulting.

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