What I like Wednesday: Denver & Aurora Rec Centers

Recreation centers, like libraries, are a staple of a great city and community. They offer classes, gyms, and pools. They’re a place to meet people and maybe make a friend or two, if you’re lucky. I’ve taken multiple cooking classes through the Aurora Rec Center and I took a three month long acrylic painting class from the Denver Rec Center. These classes are relatively cheap compared to what you would pay outside a rec center and I think they are completely worth it. If you’re interested in a hobby but aren’t sure how to start or if it’s for you, see if one of the rec centers offers a class. There are one off classes and there are courses like the painting one that are a weekly thing for a quarter. I enjoyed both. I learned how to make gnocchi at one cooking class and I learned knife skills at another. Plus, you get to eat what you made, what’s not to like? Currently, the Aurora cooking classes are only $35 per person and they’re 3 hours long, that’s a better deal than a 1 hour escape room (although you know those have a place in everyone’s life too). There are so many option, assuming you aren’t vegan, there’s bound to be a cooking class that speaks to you (I have seen them offer vegan courses too, for the record).

The painting class was great for me because I had painted a few times thanks to my friend, Lydia’s, help, but I wanted to feel like I could paint on my own without guidance. Because of the class, I now have all the necessary paint supplies and I paint throughout the year. It brings me joy, and the class, which empowered me to paint alone, cost me less than $100 (I can’t remember the exact amount). I would 100% take another art class and, if you’ve read my #30 before 40 list, you’ll know I plan on taking a pottery class at some point. It will likely be through a rec center.

Denver also has this awesome program called MY Denver Card, where kids aged 5-18 get free access to the rec centers and pools. Cardholders also get free access to a lot of museums, including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Can we invent time travel so I can get this card as a kid and go exploring the city?! AND, it’s also a library card. The only requirement – you must live in Denver (and of course be of age). How incredible, I’m proud my city offers this.

So next time you’re feeling like trying something new or picking up a long desired hobby, check Aurora’s or Denver’s rec centers (or any other place near you), could be fun!

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