12-20-21 Friends, cookie weekend, and other happenings

As 2021 quickly comes to a close, I’ve begun to ponder what my blog will look like in 2022. Do I try to continue my What I like Wednesday posts, blossoming out to non-Colorado related themes? Do I take a temporary break from that (but if I do, would I ever return?)? Regardless what I end up doing, I want to continue writing and continue posting because I enjoy it. I want to get better at sharing the daily happenings of my life too because lately I seem to only post every other week in regard to what I’m up to. I suppose that is fine, but it doesn’t give me that writing practice of expanding on my experiences, of focusing on the tiny details, of story telling, that I yearn for. Perhaps living alone in 2022 will supply me with more time to write. Only time will tell.

All that to say, here’s what I’ve been up to recently. Shari, Elisabeth, and I played a couple rounds of Sushi Go Party with our friends, Mel, Matt, and Aeri, a couple of weeks ago. Mel and Matt put out a beautiful and delicious charcuterie type spread and we all munched on food while playing. I didn’t win either round, but was inspired to play a few sessions of the game online in an attempt to better myself (I got second place once so that’s something, but turns out I need way more practice before I’m consistently better).

That weekend (two weekends ago) was Cheyenne Cookie Weekend where Shari, myself, and Elisabeth drove up to Shari’s parents’ place and we baked cookies and made desserts. It was just as intense and tiring as it was last year. It was also fun too, of course, and the part of my personality that thrives on constant work was thrilled and loving life. We made over 1500 cookies that weekend and that doesn’t include the rice krispies and chocolate covered goodies we made as well.

This past Wednesday, Shari and I walked around the Cherry Creek Wanderland. We played with the new art installation, which turned out to be giant dominos that made music when you knocked them over. The music itself was almost drowned out by the dominos hitting one another so that was a bit of a let down, but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was fun getting to wander with Shari. We looked in windows and read over the many menus of the French restaurants we passed (there’s at least three in the area, it’s kind of weird. Also, no vegan options.). There’s just something so magical and joyous about walking around outside with twinkling lights all around you. At least the dark evenings have something going for them.

Also last week I had dinner with a coworker and ex-coworker (she’s on to bigger things now) and I so loved spending time with those two. AND, I got to video chat with Katie, which is a big deal because we haven’t been able to video chat in a year or more due to our schedules never quite matching up. It was so great seeing her face and hearing her voice. It had been way too long, but it happens, you know. The hours keep ticking by and the days keep passing and then it’s been a year. So seeing her lifted my mood and made my day.

This past weekend I met up with my friend, Robyn, at Tokyo Premium Bakery for a couple pastries and to catch up and visit. Then I toured an apartment complex with Shari and felt disappointed in how expensive it was compared to the amenities the unit provided. Living in a city is expensive.

Yesterday I went back over to Mel and Matt’s for a meetup cookie exchange. A good number of us showed up and spent a couple of hours laughing, talking, and eating some baked goods. I like my friends. We’re planning a salt exchange next because most of us really like salty and savory foods so we figured we should give that a go. Know what I should make? Tell me!

After the cookie exchange, Shari and I watched the new Spider Man movie. If you’re a Marvel fan, if you’re a Spiderman fan, go watch this movie. It is now one of my favorite Marvel movies. I won’t say anything else in an attempt to avoid spoilers. Go watch it and then hit me up so we can talk about it.

Today I ended up taking a half day off work so I could apply for an apartment. That’s right, while the tour I took on Saturday was a bust, I had another option up my sleeve and it seems to be working. I have to wait a few days now for my background check to pass and my current apartment complex to respond confirming I’m a solid renter. Then it’s just a matter of setting up movers (already left a voicemail with a place) and waiting until February. I can’t imagine I’ll run into any issues, but that fear is still in the back of my mind. I’m really hoping that by Christmas I’ll have confirmation that the unit is mine. And if not Christmas, then at least by New Year’s. This whole process – planning on living alone and finding a new place to live – has caused me feelings of fear, anxiety, and nervousness. I’ll be spending way more money than I ever have before. I tell myself that I am capable and I will figure it out. And I will! But you know I like to share when I feel something other than happiness because this is the real world and me pretending that everything is rainbows doesn’t work, nor is it healthy. So, I feel scared. But I also feel excited. And if I found my future unit in the complex like I think I did, I’ll have a south facing balcony ,which means plenty of light for my plant babies! Come on universe, give me a south facing balcony.

Life is crazy and it’ll just keep being crazy so here’s to us all embracing it and being our best selves. ❤

One thought on “12-20-21 Friends, cookie weekend, and other happenings

  1. What a full life you lead! I love the glimpses you give us into your world. I have an idea for your blog for 2022. Ask me about it when you’re here.

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