What I like Wednesday: Denver’s Odds and Ends

Blue Mustang (Blucifer) - Denver International Airport | Flickr

The year is coming to a close, which means this is my second to last What I like Wednesday: Colorado edition post. Each week in 2021 a post explored something I liked about Colorado. Some posts were harder to write than others, or were more of a stretch, but it helped me love my city and state more and to get out there and live.

There’s no way any one person can mention or list all the wonderful parts about Colorado or Denver. New amazing parts are added all the time. And everyone has different and unique preferences. And you know, that’s what makes cities, and the world, a really fascinating and awesome place to be a human.

For this post, I wanted to list a few aspects of Denver and Colorado that make me smile and that make me love my home even more. The odds and ends that make the Denver metro area truly great.

Blucifer: The blue demon horse of the Denver International Airport (DIA). He greets you as you come and as you go. It’s tradition for me and Elisabeth to give him a proper hello every time we see him as we think he deserves it. We always wave and say hello and sometimes add in a “Praise, Blucifer!” or “Bless our trip, Blucifer.” Are we a little goofy? Heck yes. But it makes driving to the airport way more fun. Plus, Blucifer is known to have a murder streak in him so it’s always safer to show him respect or risk his wrath. 😉 Elisabeth told me once, “I don’t feel like I’m home until I see Blucifer,” and I think she nailed that truth bomb right on the head.

The Big Blue Bear: I guess Denver loves all things blue, because you can find a giant bear sculpture looking into one of the windows of the Denver Convention Center. It’s a fun part of Denver that I always enjoy seeing.

Encouraging messages at Barbee’s Freeway Ford: If you’ve ever driven southbound on I-25 and passed the Evans exit, you’re bound to have seen the bright blue sign that always sports a positive or encouraging message. The sign belongs to Barbee’s Freeway Ford, a car dealership, and while I generally despise car dealerships, this one has a special place in my heart. Their goofy, sometimes cheesy, but always encouraging and positive messages, always make me smile.

Baby doll faces: If you wander around Denver enough, you’re bound to come across pink baby doll faces glued to walls, barriers, sidewalks, etc. These faces have been around for years but their artist hasn’t outright declared him/herself. This article says the artist is making a statement about the child refugees from Syria, which is definitely possible, but without the artist himself clearly stating that, the purpose of the faces is in the viewers’ hands. I just like finding them every once in a while. /Shrug.

Sunsets: The most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. We get such lovely ones here a good portion of the year. I know I’ve written about the gorgeous sunsets before but their beauty is always worth a mention. We only have so many sunsets in our lives so why not appreciate and enjoy as many as possible? And what’s not to enjoy when you can see the sun dipping behind the Rocky Mountains and the clouds are pink, orange, and red?

Shouts outs to the Highline Canal Trail for being a great walking place throughout the metro area, Fairmount Cemetery for being another great walking place (check out their mausoleum if you ever go), and Dinosaur Ridge for having real dinosaur footprints and fossils.

If I’ve missed any random awesomeness that makes up Denver, let me know!

Blucifer photo found here.

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2 thoughts on “What I like Wednesday: Denver’s Odds and Ends

  1. That car dealership sign does brighten my day every time. Thank you for pointing out fun things to me all the time, like the little Mario at the Colorado Exit. Denver is a fun place.

  2. Do you remember what I say when we go by Blucifer?? “Avert your eyes! Avert your eyes!” There’s something about those glowing red eyes that is scary.

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