What I like Wednesday: Ted Lasso

A new favorite show, Ted Lasso, warms my heart. While it’s not perfect (in the second season, Ted struggles with talking to a therapist even though he encourages good mental health for the rest of his team), it’s still very enjoyable. The show sheds light on the value and necessity of self-worth and how important healthy relationships are. Mental health and love for the win! It’s also one of those shows that doesn’t have excessive drama. This means that while tensions build, the audience can be comforted knowing that nothing too horrible will befall the characters and most of the tension is resolved by the end of the episode. With that said, character growth does occur and arguments do sometimes still happen. I mean, these characters are only human. It can’t be hugs, soccer, and extremely intricate pop culture references all the time.

There are two seasons currently out with a third and final season planned. Don’t know where or how to watch it? Message me and I’ll privately share the website I used since I don’t have Apple TV (and really don’t want to support them if I can help it. Who needs yet another streaming service? Definitely not me.). The episodes are generally short and the cast is top notch. The show supports female friendships and empowerment too. What is there not to like in that? I’m going to stop this post now so you can go watch the show. Get out of here, then come back and tell me what you think.

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