What I like Wednesday: Shangela’s Rainbow Dress & We’re Here

If you haven’t heard me talk about the HBO reality tv show, We’re Here, gurl, take a seat and get ready.

This reality tv show that Elisabeth introduced me to in the height of covid has warmed my heart and made me feel love for my fellow humans. (Not that I didn’t feel love before, but this show just invigorated that.) Three drag queens – Shangela, Eureka, and Bob the Drag Queen, travel around the United States, visiting small towns. At each small town they visit, each drag queen chooses a drag daughter (who can be a man, woman, or non binary person). We learn about these people and the struggles of being queer in a small town and then we watch them get decked out and perform a drag show.

It. Is. Fantastic.

I feel like this show did for me during covid what Queer Eye did for me during my divorce: it gave me the space to cry, to feel for others, and to feel for myself. It gave me the space to feel connected to those around me, it gave me hope.

It also gave me lots of beautiful people in amazing make up and costumes and wigs for me to fawn over. Can I be a Drag Queen? It might be a new dream of mine because all those people on this show look and feel so fierce, badass, and beautiful. I can’t help but want to feel that too and give it a try.

Does the LGBTQIA+ community scare you? Make you feel angry, unsure, or uncomfortable? This is a great show to check out because you can watch in your own home with, hopefully, an open mind, to try to understand a group of people that just want to love and be loved. And ideally you’ll feel the love too when watching this show. And maybe get inspired by some of their costumes because dang, their costume designers (and really the entire team) are on point. I fell in love with Shangela’s rainbow goddess dress in one episode recently, see all the pictures on here. I literally restarted the show on the tv so I could take pictures of Shangela and her dress because I could not find any pictures online. I want that dress! I’ve reached out to the show to see if they can point me in the right direction but even if they never respond, I felt joy seeing her in that dress and that is enough.

If you end up watching the show, let me know what costumes are your favorite and which episodes spoke to you the most. Let’s geek out and share the love together!

2 thoughts on “What I like Wednesday: Shangela’s Rainbow Dress & We’re Here

  1. That is a gorgeous dress. I have a feeling that it’s custom made. You should get a rainbow sundress or cover up for our beach trip. I looked for some and found a couple you might like. I’ll send links.

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