What I like Wednesday: My New Apartment

Ya’ll, my new apartment is the freaking bomb. I am in love with it. Is it perfect? No, nothing is, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Plus, Tristan, the maintenance guy, came two days in a row to help fix some things so how I can complain when the staff is clearly trying to make my space even better? I’m in a corner unit on the 2nd floor (of only two floors). I have a window in my kitchen. I have two windows in my den PLUS a sliding glass door onto my balcony (so three windows really). I’M FACING THE SOUTH (hell yeah, my plant babies are gonna love life). I have enough space to keep both of my desks (I was worried I’d only have room for one). My plants are everywhere and I love it. The table and chairs Kaitlin and Kevin gave me match my desks and fit perfectly in the space. My bedroom is huge and will definitely fit the hanging chair I’ve wanted to use for two years, just have to get a stand for it. I feel like this space is me and was made for me. Shari and Elisabeth helped me set up on Wednesday and now the only thing I need to really finish (besides maybe better organizing my closets) is figure out where to hang all my lovely art. I started hanging a bit yesterday because I couldn’t stand the feeling of no art on my bedroom walls. Turns out it’s a bit of a downer. But enough is up now that I can handle taking my time putting the rest up.

Pippin is taking a bit of time himself getting used to the space but he already loves looking out all the windows and going out on the balcony now that it’s cat proofed (thanks, Shari!). Part of me gets annoyed at how often he wants to come and go outside but at least he’s helping me not sit at my work desk all day. When it gets warm enough I’ll just leave the door open for him and eventually I’ll put up the magnetic screen door I had at the old place to help keep bugs out and Pippin free to roam. I’m so excited to spend time in my apartment and to have people over. I think this is going to be a great year. I can now officially cross off item #1 on my #30 Before 40 list too! Wooho!

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