2-21-22 Getting in the groove again

I’ve lived in my apartment for going on two weeks now. I’ve got more art up and I finally got around to vacuuming. The beautiful rose plant Shari got me as a house warming gift is still alive and I feel like my fridge is starting to look normal again. Things are coming together, as they always do in life. I exercised for the first time in over a month today, and while it was less than 10 minutes, I feel good about it. I still don’t always get full breaths in when I breathe, thanks covid, so I figure taking it slow is the way to go.

This past weekend, Shari and I went up to Cheyenne for about 24 hours to spend time with her family. Her mom took us to the botanic gardens and we wandered around the conservatory and the children’s garden. It was all free (although donations are accepted). Oh how nice it was to step into a warm, green space. You know I’m a huge fan of going to the Denver Botanic Garden’s conservatory during the winter so getting to go to Cheyenne’s was a special treat. It was a decent sized space and many of the tropical trees had such giant leaves that even Denver’s garden would be jealous. There were some really great snake plants too just chilling against one of the walls and some gorgeous bromeliads with striking and vibrant colors for their centers.

We got in a game of Michigan Rummy Saturday night and on Sunday we watched Uncharted, the new movie with Tom Holland. I enjoyed it, it was a fun adventure movie (although there were A LOT of nonchalant murders that, while definitely apropos to a video game, left me feeling a little shocked).

Now I’m back home, back at work, and ready to face the 12 degree high tomorrow. Electric blanket, thick socks, and plenty of layers are in my near future!

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