2-28-22 Pippin’s birthday and other updates

Today, Pippin turns 8 years old. I feel very happy to say his health has been good the past 4 or 5 months and he’s just as energetic and lively as he was when he was a kitten. He’s such a love bug and is as chatty as ever. I get such joy out of spending time with him and look forward to many more years of this little guy being a goofball, a lover, and a pure nuisance.

Earlier in the week, Shari brought me over an absolutely gorgeous floral bouquet as a congrats on me getting nominated and winning an award at work! Out of the couple of hundred people at my company, I was nominated for two awards and I received one of them: Positive Change Champion. I feel extremely honored. The next day, my manager filled me in on what my raise for the year will be too. So last week was pretty great.

This weekend was busy as heck but extremely fun and full of energy. Shari and I ran errands Saturday, including picking up some cookies from Insomnia Cookies, a new place Shari found. They have vegan options! I tried their chocolate and double chocolate and loved them both. Best vegan cookies I’ve found thus far. The cool thing about that pitstop was that as soon as we walked into the store, the sole customer in there handed me a gift card and said, “There are $4 on here, I’m never gonna come back so you should have it.” Um? Sure! I assume he’s from out of town or is moving so he won’t have the option to return because I can’t image not returning to this place, they’re cookies are good.

My friends, Jason and Amanda, came over for dinner Saturday night where we played Betrayal at House on the Hill and ate some Korean inspired tofu tacos. I had such a blast spending time with them as I hadn’t seen them since Christmas (and even then only briefly since they were sick at the time).

On Sunday, I baked cinnamon rolls (first baked item in my new place!) and Shari and I ran over to Michael’s so I could get a few frames in order for me to finally finish putting up all my art. I got that done today and am so pleased. Now I just have to attempt to install a magnetic knife strip and hang up a plant and I’ll be 100% moved in.

After Michael’s we headed over to our friend, Mabel’s home, to have our monthly comic book discussion. We had a fantastic turn out of lovely women and the discussion was great. It’s so invigorating and rejuvenating to hang out with these friends of mine. They fill me with such love and happiness. After that, Shari and I went over to Elisabeth’s to help her figure out how to set up a couple of bookshelves. I think we came up with a decent solution. Needless to say I was very tired both Saturday and Sunday nights but also quite content. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “2-28-22 Pippin’s birthday and other updates

  1. What a glorious blog. Happy Birthday, Pippin! (love the pic of him) And so proud of your award. Positive Change? That’s my girl!

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