What I like Wednesday: Simple Truth Queso

Thanks to Shari’s mom, Patty, I found a vegan cheese that changed vegan nachos from “Yeah, this is decent” to “Oh my gosh these nachos are so good, can this be my last meal?”. I’m talking about Simple Truth’s Queso Style Dip. Simple Truth is a Kroger brand, so assuming you have a Kroger store near you, you should ideally be able to find this beautiful product. Previously, I made my own nacho cheese with Daiya, almond milk, and nutritional yeast, but Simple Truth’s version is far superior. It actually tastes like nacho cheese. I don’t eat vegan cheese much these days because it’s just subpar compared to the real thing (of which I don’t eat either) and I kept feeling disappointed. Plus, it’s pretty expensive, so if I’m going to purchase vegan cheese, I want to really enjoy it. Welp, I really enjoy this stuff. I bought two containers within like a week and quickly realized I need to limit how often I purchase this because otherwise that’s all I’d be eating for snacks and lunches every day – nachos or chips dipped in this queso. Processed vegan items like this should be a special treat both because it would quickly get expensive and because it’s not that healthy for you. Still, I’m super excited about this find because it really has made nachos a more accessible meal for me. Be on the lookout for my nacho recipe during one of my Food Friday posts!

There are two other vegan cheeses I do like that deserve a shout out:

  • Violife’s Cheddar Slices are very similar to American cheese and work well for quesadillas and grilled cheese.
  • Miyoko’s Cashew Milk Mozzarella, while definitely not mozzarella, is a perfect addition to pasta salad and is also quite good on quesadillas and pizza. It melts pretty dang well.

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