The previous week was both pleasant and frustrating. I video chatted with my cousin, which was a pleasant moment. She is getting married this summer and I got to virtually meet her fiancé. I had heard about him previously since they have been dating for a while but had never met him. He’s smart, funny, and very clearly cares for my cousin so I liked him. I look forward to attending their wedding in July so I can meet him in person and see her and more of my family.

The beautiful purple accent chair I purchased got delivered and both Pippin and I liked it immediately. I had tried to find a used chair to reduce my environmental impact but the chair I found was sold before I could claim it so I decided purchasing new in this case would be ok. Just do my best to keep it as long as I can. I also ordered and received two yellow couch pillows, so my living room looks even more put together and “me” than it did previously. My space doesn’t look like it came out of a magazine but it doesn’t need to, it just needs to look like me and be functional. Those magazines, lifestyle websites, and Architectural Digest youtube videos are starting to really drive me crazy. They’re part of our culture that tells us we need to buy things all the time. But we don’t! I don’t need new things every month. I don’t even need used things every month. It’s ok if I don’t buy stuff all the time just because I’m told it makes me productive and a worthwhile member of society. I’m worthwhile without purchasing a single thing. And so are you.

Ok, I’ll get off my soap box….for now. 😉

The disappointing part of my week happened on Thursday when my “make vegan pavlova with my friend” plans got postponed because of a possible covid scare. That was frustrating. I am so over covid and its hold on this world. I get it, and I’m glad we rescheduled because safety is important, but f*ck covid. I want to see people again and not feel terrified that I’m going to get covid again or pass covid along. I’m ready to stop feeling like the past two years of my life have been wasted (I know I’ve had many good moments, don’t get me wrong. But there’s been almost zero travel, which is a big part of what I want to do with my life, and that drags me down.).

Because of the covid scare, the game night that was planned at my friend’s house, got cancelled. At first I was bummed (but 100% understood) but then I realized I can just make the game night virtual. That’s one positive with covid, we’ve learned how to be flexible and do more things online (which is also kind of a negative, I’m on my screen enough you know). So a few of us hopped online Saturday evening and played a couple of drawing games and I had an absolute blast.

Shari showing off a clown nose she found

I also baked bread on Saturday, first time at my new place! It turned out delicious. I officially crossed off “find a bread recipe” from my #30 before 40 list. I’ve made this bread four times now, more than any other bread recipe I’ve tried, so I think I can count it as a staple. I’m really pleased and just hope I have the discipline to take some notes each time I make it so I can really perfect my technique and the recipe.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching a couple movies and playing a board game with Shari. I ended it by having dinner with Shari and Elisabeth and hearing all the details about the new cat Elisabeth is going to adopt this upcoming Sunday! Have no doubt, as soon as I get to meet this cat in person and snap a handsome picture of him, I will be sharing on the blog. 😉 How can I not? Pippin is getting a cousin!

The current week will be full of friends so I’ll catch ya’ll up on those happenings next Monday. Hope everyone has a lovely, pleasant, and fulfilling week.

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