What I like Wednesday: Board Game Arena

I’ve had a subscription to Board Game Arena for two years now and it’s been a great way to destress during the pandemic. You can create a free account and play most games on the website. Or for $24 a year you can have a membership and have access to all the games on the site. They have many games I enjoy including Sushi Go, Tokaido, Cribbage, and Can’t Stop. I like this site because I can play games any time I want, I don’t have to have friends online because I can easily and fairly quickly be connected with strangers who want to play the same games as me. The great thing is though, if my friends are around, we can start a game between ourselves. If you’re looking to learn a new board game prior to purchasing it, Board Game Arena may be a good choice for you because of the sheer amount of games they have (and they add more frequently). There can be some kinks to this website – like how I really wish they’d let me change the size of the screen – but overall it’s a lot of fun and I’ve never run into an asshole player. Consider giving it a try sometime!

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