What I like Wednesday: Songs

I’m not a huge music person. I can work in silence all day, and I usually do, because it’s calming for me. Too much music becomes too loud in my head and I start to feel overwhelmed. But sometimes I do like to listen to music. Below are the songs I’ve been enjoying recently.

S.L.U.T. by Bea Miller: Kayla and Shari introduced this one to me. This song is very empowering, especially for women, and I love belting it out in the car. Be yourself and if people can’t handle you, that’s on them. Own who you are and love yourself, cause you’re worth it.

Have It All – Acoustic by Jason Mraz: Shari introduced me to this one. “Here’s to the hearts that you’re gonna break/here’s to the lives that you’re gonna change/here’s to the infinite possible ways to love you.” I mean, can it get any better than those lyrics? A love song to yourself and to all those you care for.

Surface Pressure by Jessica Darrow: A song from the movie, Encanto, I initially said I didn’t love the movie but then I almost immediately added this song to my playlist. There’s something about the cadence and the lyrics that draws me in. We all experience pressure, from ourselves, our family, our friends, our society. It’s important to recognize that and remember that by releasing yourself from that pressure, you can truly enjoy life.

A-O-K by Tai Verdes: Shari introduced me to this one (are you seeing a pattern?). This song is so encouraging and positive. It is the perfect pick me up on those days you feel the world is against you (although if you aren’t looking for a pick me up but instead are looking for affirmation, try listening to THAT ONE SONG). Tough times do happen, that’s part of life, but you will get through them. Ask your loved ones for support if needed, we’re here for you!

7 Years by Lukas Graham: Shari introduced me to this one too (she clearly has great taste in music)! This song is a great reminder of how quickly life goes and how important it is to surround yourself with friends and family. It’s the relationships of your life that make your life rich and full of love.

One thought on “What I like Wednesday: Songs

  1. I listened to and liked every song here. I see you in each one. The song Have It All is my prayer for you. 7 Years brought tears to my eyes. How quickly the journey of life goes… Thank you for sharing these inspiring songs.

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