What I like Wednesday: House Plants

My plants are loving their new home which means I’m loving them even more because they’re looking so vibrant. I love all my plants but sometimes some plants speak to me more than others. I wanted to highlight some of my current faves with a plan to have another What I like Wednesday post some other time with other favorites (and yes, while I know “favorite” denotes a singular, there’s no way I can choose only one of my plants so you’re getting multiple).

I got this Draceana marginata from my beloved Botanic Gardens. This guy wasn’t loving life at my old apartment (although he was hanging in there), but now that he’s getting more light, you can see the new growth – right in the middle, those lighter green leaves growing straight up. Makes me so happy to see this plant thriving. Can’t wait to see how tall and big it grows over however long I’m able to keep this plant.

This peperomia is such a joy. Until I saw this plant, I didn’t know that peperomia comes in vining varieties. Look at those delicate round leaves. They hang down over the yellow pot and my goodness, the color combo is just smashingly beautiful. I’m a big fan of the leaves, how tiny they are, how they slightly fold into themselves. They’re just so cute!

I have another peperomia plant and look how different it looks from the one above. This is why I love plants, there’s such variety within a genus. I got the two plants that you see to the left from King Soopers, for a dollar each. Can’t get a better deal than that at a store, can you? I like how waxy the leaves of a peperomia feel but what I really like about this plant is the color patterns of the leaves. When a leaf has more than one color, that just blows my mind. Isn’t it pretty?

Take a close look at this final plant, it’s a burro’s tail, and this little guy is one of my oldest plants. He’s suffered a lot, he used to be a lot bigger, but due to lack of watering and sun, he’s down to this tiny little thing. You know what’s great about this plant though? He’s a fighter. He keeps growing, there’s new growth on him right now. This is another delicate plant, its leaves fall off so easily. But I think because of that, I appreciate and adore its leaves even more. They’re also so smooth and they fit together so nicely, it’s a pleasure to just look at.

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