What I like Wednesday: Some of my Art

I love art. Step into my apartment and there’s no doubt. Art is hung in every room, on every wall. I even have a couple of pieces hanging in my bedroom closet, because why not. Most of my art is special to me for one reason or another (generally because someone I love gave it to me)I have a lot of special art and so I want to dedicate a few What I like Wednesday posts to the many wonderful pieces I have. Throughout this year you’ll get to see all my favorite pieces and why.

This piece was embroidered by my sister, Kaitlin. I love it because she made it and because I’ve never embroidered. This piece isn’t something I would have made for myself. I also love it because the message is such a good one to see everyday. If you don’t have some kind of art in your home that says “Hello Beautiful” to you, get on that! (Maybe hit up Kaitlin to see if she’ll make you one! 😉 )

I like both this art print and the Bulbasaur. The art print is of a Pilea peperomioides that my friend, Mel got me. She knew that owning this plant is on my #30 before 40 list so her choice of getting this for me warms my heart. If I never get around to owning a physical plant, I can count this print for my list! I also love plants in general so I’m always a fan of having plant art on my walls.

The Bulbasaur is a 3D printed piece that my brother-in-law, Kevin, made for me. He printed it in white plastic so that I could paint it whatever colors I want (now to get around to doing that!). It also has a spot where I could put an air plant on Bulbasaur’s back and who doesn’t want an art piece that is multi purpose?

This is a piece I commissioned my friend, Brittany, to make for me. I asked her to draw me as a nature goddess. I love how Jamie McKelvie draws the covers of the Wicked and Divine comics, and I wanted to be drawn like that. Brittany did a wonderful job. I love this portrait because I know Brittany put work and love into this and I appreciate how willing she was to create this for me. I also love this because it’s a drawing of me and I look beautiful.

This print of a cat wizard makes me smile every single time I look at it. It makes me think of Pippin and I also just adore the style. A plump little black cat playing around with mushrooms and heart shaped radishes? It’s so cute. What makes this piece extra special is that my dad had seen that I liked this print via my blog and he reached out to the artist to ask if he could purchase a print of it for me. He went out of my way to get me something that brought me joy!

One thought on “What I like Wednesday: Some of my Art

  1. I love your art! Every piece speaks to your uniqueness, your spirit and your essence. Your art reflects you and gives all of us a glimpse into your heart. I love who you are!

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