What I like Wednesday: Just Egg and Impossible Breakfast Sausage

Just because I’m veganish doesn’t mean I don’t crave a delicious breakfast sandwich with meat and egg on occasion. Me being vegan has nothing to do with me not liking meat or dairy. Enter: Just Egg and Impossible Breakfast Sausage. These are game changers for me. Just Egg is the only egg replacer that does the job of mimicking scrambled eggs or omelets. Honestly, this product is probably better than eggs because it doesn’t have that weird egg smell I don’t like and it doesn’t make me feel squeamish as I eat it. The only downsides to this product are that it is expensive and it only comes in tiny bottles. If I were hungry, I could eat half a bottle of the stuff in one sitting, I like it that much.

Pair Just Egg with Impossible’s relatively new breakfast sausage and ya got a meal. This sausage blew my mind. It is far superior to Morningstar’s breakfast sausage (sorry Morningstar, I know you’re more reasonably priced but you are not nearly as good) AND to Beyond’s breakfast sausage (which is better than Morningstar but not by much). Impossible is really the most authentic meat substitute I have found – it tastes delicious and cooks up like meat. The downside to this product is the cost as well. Come on vegan goods, can you be cheaper for me?! I guess it’s for the best since they’re both processed products, less is better.

Anyway, I feel like I can host a legit brunch with my friends using these products (or just eat them by myself). Splurging every once in a while is ok.

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