4-7-22 Mid week update!

This week has already been full of activity. Monday my parents came and had lunch with me! Look at that, my family coming up to see me within a three day period. When has that ever happened before? We went to Qdoba and then they came back to my place to hang out for a bit. I really enjoyed myself and am so happy they came. It was a nice addition to the day since that morning Shari and I went and picked up her car from the towing company, which was a bit stressful. My dad brought with him a zucchini and a squash plant for me to try my hand at growing some vegetables this summer so I am super excited about that. I haven’t tried growing vegetables in three years and this will be the first time I’ve attempted it at home. I hope I get enough sun to produce some delicious greeness.

After work I went on a walk at the nearby park before having a video chat with my friend, Edward. The days are so hit or miss right now, it’s a little frustrating. And sometimes, when the weather apps tell me it’s 55 and sunny, it feels like it’s 40. Am I missing something? The past few days have been real windy too which is a total bummer. I think I am finally ready for tank top and shorts weather! The small green buds on the trees and the thick tulip leaves are what keeps me going. During the walk I came across a Little Lending Library and actually found a book that is on my to read list, so I snatched that up. My chat with Edward was great too, especially since Kaitlin hopped on as a surprise for a few minutes!

On Tuesday I went grocery shopping, as one must, and had a video chat with my meetup group gals which always lifts my spirits (although I wasn’t particularly feeling down or anything). Elisabeth even came over to have the chat so that I enjoyed that. I got to see the cross stitch she is currently working on.

Wednesday after work I ran multiple errands before having dinner with Shari. I picked up the Positive Change Champion award I won a month ago – turns out they made a physical award for me. While I probably would have preferred cash or a gift card, it was a very thoughtful gesture and I’ll consider what to do with it. Shari and I went on a walk before making dinner, even though it wasn’t nearly as warm out there as we both hoped. After dinner we played some occulus where I worked up a sweat. I so enjoy playing that Supernatural game.

Tonight my friend, Brittany, is coming over for dinner so that should be fun. I better go prep the tofu!

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