4-11-22 Weekend Fun Times

Before starting the incline

Shari and I started off our weekend Friday evening with a lovely walk around the park. We made fried cauliflower and waffles for dinner and then watched Ryan Reynold’s new Netflix movie, The Adam Project. Saturday morning we ate breakfast and watched an episode of Lego Masters before we headed to the incline in Castle Rock/Parker. Shari plans on doing the Manitou Incline sometime this year and I recently heard about two, much smaller, inclines in Castle Rock and Parker so we thought we should give one a go. It was a lot of fun in the sense that I felt energized and accomplished but it was also a reminder that I’m nowhere near ready to do the Manitou Incline again (if I so choose, I’m still on the fence about it). We did the incline twice because there were only 132 steps and only like half a mile hike back down. It’s very manageable and kid friendly. Did a kid basically pass me? Yes. Was he jogging? Yes. Did another kid 100% pass me? Yes. Was he also jogging? I don’t want to talk about it. 😉 Kids have way more energy than I’ll ever have again in my life. I swear, I will never jog up an incline, it’s just not for me, no matter how many steps there are.

So the incline was enjoyable even though it was a little difficult. I told Shari we should go there once a month to slowly build up strength and see if we can improve. Maybe we’ll get to three go arounds like the family behind us. We could have done it three times but it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable.

After exercising we came back to my place and painted. I also really liked doing that and am now working on a pretty green hills and blue sky piece for no other reason than it makes me smile and feel good. I’m proud of myself for getting out the paints more often the past couple of weeks. It’s been a nice focus for my brain and is a great self care act.

After the incline, round #1

Saturday night our friends Jason and Amanda came over for dinner where we made burgers and played Code Names: Pictures. It’s a game Shari has been interested in for a while but we’ve never had more than 3 players whenever we think to play it. So I specifically made sure we played it last night. Shari and I won both times. Is it because I was the only one who has played the game so maybe I’m better at it? Possibly. But I’d also like to think Shari and I are on the same wavelength and we got it going on. Perhaps next time we’ll have to switch up the teams to see how well I fare. I had a truly lovely time hanging out with them.

After the incline, round #2. 😉

Sunday morning was much easier going. I watered my plants, had breakfast, and then Shari and I took turns exercising on the oculus. We went to Lowe’s so I could get a big pot to plant the zucchini. Not sure when I’ll plant it yet but I’m at least a bit closer than I was previously. Then we headed out to the movies to watch Everything Everywhere All at Once. Oh my gosh, I loved this movie. It was different but mostly in all the good ways (there were a couple parts I could have done without). Honestly, this is in my top movies list now. It was great. I understand this movie may not be for everyone, but it hit me in the feels – both in the fact that I laughed a lot and that I cried. If you think you can handle a bit of weirdness, go see it! I got to visit with my friends after cause a good portion of my comic book meetup group came. I got such a high from seeing my friends and chatting with them. I feel so privileged to have friends who will randomly go watch movies with me.

So it was a really great weekend. I hopefully have a couple more friend happenings this week that will fill me with more love and happiness too. Hope you all had some good times this weekend as well. ❤

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