4-21-22 My Weekend

This week feels like it got the better of me. Mostly because I had to go into work Monday and Tuesday and that took up so much time and energy. I was thinking once I got back home and was emptying the dishwasher at 8:30pm at night, “Is this what I used to do? All my chores in the evening? When did I have time for anything else?” I’ve definitely gotten used to working from home. Turns out I really like it and prefer it. I can clean and cook and prep whenever I have a spare moment, which leaves the evenings open for me to do a hobby or hang out with friends. My company has moved to a hybrid work schedule now where I will go in once or twice a month. That is completely reasonable to me but it means I’ll have to schedule myself a bit more downtime perhaps surrounding those days as it really took a toll. I’m tired! It’s been two years since I’ve spent more than a couple of hours with people, especially coworkers. I enjoyed seeing my team and catching up but it was exhausting.

Last weekend Shari and I headed to Cheyenne for Easter and birthday celebrations. We went out to breakfast (there’s a restaurant in Cheyenne that serves Just Egg!), played card games, and watched Skyscraper, a Dwayne Johnson action movie. I got to meet Shari’s friend, Liz, on Friday night. We met up with her for dinner and I so enjoyed getting to know her and visiting, she is an awesome woman. We went to coffee with another friend, Bailey, on Saturday. We returned back to Denver Sunday afternoon and headed over to Elisabeth’s to watch Moon Knight and eat dinner. That means I also got to hang out with Finnley some more!

I got to chat on the phone with my friend, Kayla, on Monday, which is always a treat. We had a really good conversation. On Tuesday, Shari hosted virtual trivia for our meetup group and it was a total blast. I laughed so much, it was exactly what I needed after two days of working in an office. Yesterday, Shari and I went out for ice cream after dinner and we sat and watched people go by and we guessed which ones were high or not (it was 4/20). That was incredibly fun. We also saw four different people trip over the same spot in the sidewalk so we’ll have to be careful if we ever come to Sweet Action from that direction.

Now I’m about to have dinner with Elisabeth and we’ll watch some of our Full Metal Alchemist show and have a lovely evening. This week has been long but the evenings have been enjoyable and that’s made it bearable.

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