Last weekend began with a video chat with my friend, Kiarra on Friday evening. We talked for 1 1/2 hours and I really enjoyed it. She’s with me on the whole “living forever would be awesome” stance so if it ever happens (I can wish!) I know I can count on her to stick it out with me. At least for a thousand years or so. 😉

On Saturday, I planted the scallop squash plant in a bigger container so now hopefully it’ll get all the nutrients it needs to grow me some patty pan delicious squash. I’ll plant the zucchini when I get back from vacation (which is less than a week away at this point!). The weather’s still not good enough to keep the plants outside but maybe they can spend a few hours outdoors in May and then be moved full time outside in June. I went over to my cousin’s house for a family lunch in the early afternoon of Saturday and ended up spending over 6 hours there. I think that’s a sign we should hang out more often, right? My parents and Kaitlin and her family even came over so it was a real blast. Ollie was clearly enjoying having other boys to play with, even if they were much older than him. Amanda’s boys did a great job of playing with him and Emily. I got in a game of Sushi go with Amanda and Zach and was happily tired at the end of the day.

On Sunday, I went over to Elisabeth’s and watched The Batman, the latest DC movie. I thought it was fine. DC isn’t for me. The sad thing is, I keep watching their movies, hoping that they’ll step up and produce a real good one, but it just hasn’t happened (although Birds of Prey was decent). I think I’m done with DC, honestly. I don’t need to watch their live action movies anymore, they just keep falling flat for me. With that said, I’m 100% going to watch the Sandman tv show when it comes out but I won’t expect much. I don’t really count it as DC though since it’s not super hero focused and is a show versus a movie.

I baked some vegan carrot cupcakes Sunday afternoon and then Elisabeth and I headed over to our friend, Stephanie’s, home to have taco night. Some of our other friends came too and it was so wonderful. While I do enjoy hosting, I also really enjoy having someone else host and make food for me. It doesn’t happen often so it’s a real treat when it does and I appreciate it immensely. I didn’t have to do any of the cleanup, it was absolutely lovely. Plus, the conversation with my friends was great and I felt so happy being around them. I am so privileged to have these friends.

At this point, I’m ready to be on vacation (I fly out Saturday morning) so this week will be a mix of impatience and more friend fun time (Mel and Matt come over for dinner tonight!). I also have to go back to the dentist tomorrow because the tooth that had the root canal continues to cause pain so that ordeal isn’t over. I have to say, while I can handle the dentist, I am jealous of people who were born with naturally healthy teeth and gums. Ah well, could be worse, right?

I went on a walk at lunch today and it was a perfect day, the sun was out, it was warm, and there was no wind. I passed under flowering trees, admired tulips and ground cover, and sniffed this flowery bush that smelled of honeysuckle but was definitely not. I love the smell of honeysuckle so getting to smell the flowers I found lifted my mood immediately. I also found one lilac plant but the blooms haven’t quite opened up yet, probably next week. Is spring finally in the air? I can hope!

Mysterious honeysuckle type flower

One thought on “4-26-22

  1. Spring is here, summer is right around the corner. Vacation is coming; ocean waves. Friends, family, food. Life is good!

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