What I like Wednesday: F-bomb lyrics

I didn’t grow up cursing. It wasn’t a thing done in my house. So going to college and opening up my repertoire for curse words made me feel freer and a little wild. I curse now and have no regrets, but it can, still, 15 years later, be a bit shocking when I hear the “f” word in a song. Can I tell you a secret? I generally enjoy it. 😉 So today I wanted to share some of my favorite “f”-bomb lines in songs. It’s okay to curse and I give you permission if you feel you need it. Cursing is supposed to help you feel less physical pain if you get hurt and it’s a sign of intelligence (or so I’ve heard). If you aren’t up for cursing or don’t want to, at least consider listening to a song every once in a while with a curse word in it, it might help better reflect how you’re feeling one day. While I will not spell out the “f” word in this post (I try to reserve that for only special circumstances on here in respect for those who don’t curse) please know that the singers sing the entire word in the below lyrics.

“I feel most beautiful doing what the f- I want”What Makes a Woman by Katy Perry. This song overall is lovely and everyone should give it a listen, but this line in particular hits me and I belt it out at the top of my lungs every time I hear it. I am my most beautiful when I’m being my most authentic self and not worrying about what others think of me.

“Can you tell me a secret? Can you tell me what’s wrong with me? I know I should be angry, but I can barely feel a f-in’ thing.”feel something by Bea Miller. While I am the opposite of this lyric (I feel A LOT), when I’m feeling down, these lines really speak to me. Sometimes you feel so much that it pushes you over the edge and you feel nothing. If any of you are ever in this space, please seek help from loved ones and therapists and doctors. You don’t have to feel nothing.

“F all the hate, do a shimmy-shake, throw a middle finger up down the inner state.”A-O-K by Tai Verdes. This whole song is wonderful – it’s about saying how you’ll be ok in the world. But sometimes there is hate out there and what better response to have then say “F that!” and throw your middle finger up in the air to that hatred. We don’t got time for hatred, we only got time for singing great songs and loving one another.

Quick shout out to Numb Little Bug by Em Beihold. It doesn’t have cursing in it but I think it’s a good song for everyone to listen to so I’m sharing it here. While I don’t personally feel like a numb little bug most of the time, I have been in that position in the past and so I relate to this song a lot. I imagine most, if not all, of us do and this song is a reminder that you’re not alone.

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