What I like Wednesday: Heartstopper

Heartstopper, a comic I read a couple of years ago, has recently been made into a Netflix TV show. I enjoyed and loved both the comics and the show so I wanted to gush about it today. The story is about two high school boys who have crushes on one another and the ensuing tension and love that those crushes bring. It’s incredibly queer friendly, it talks about mental health, and solidifies the need for strong friendships. The story does have its darker themes including bullying and eating disorders, so please be aware there might be triggers if you do choose to read or watch. If you can get through those darker moments, however, the path these two young men take is quite lovely and adorable. Surrounding them are secondary characters that are just as full of love and angst as the main characters.

Now, there may be a little more angst in the comics than I would prefer but I understand that stories need conflict and tension, no matter how much I wish I could just read about these two going on dates and loving life until they die together. Hearstopper is probably Young Adult (YA) in genre, which is something I usually stay far away from and don’t enjoy, but this story grabbed me and held on.

The tv show is basically as good as the comic. All of the actors do a fantastic job portraying their characters. It was so adorable. I thought most of them matched up pretty well to their drawn, cartoon versions too. The episodes are only 30 minutes each and there’s only 8 of them so it’s not a huge commitment. I so hope they make more seasons. So if you’re looking for a cute love story with a bit of drama, check out Heartstopper.

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