What I like Wednesday: More Art

My friend, Mabel, gifted me this piece last year as a thank you for running the comic book meetup group. She knew I loved the Sandman comics and figured Death (a character) was one of my favorites. She was right, Death is one of my favorite characters in the series, I’d actually love it if she had her own spin of comic book. One of Mabel’s acquaintances drew this piece too which makes it even more special.

My friend, Lydia, painted this piece and gave it to me. She is the one who first made me realize I could give painting a try. She is the one who guided me through my painting of Pippin. I probably wouldn’t have signed up for the paint class I did through the rec center without her in my life. Having one of her pieces makes me smile and brings me joy. Plus, it’s of flowers, and we all know I love and adore plants. It’s the perfect piece.

This piece is a card that my dad mailed me randomly. Just a lovely card saying hello and he hopes I’m well. It was such a great surprise to get and on top of that I loved the outside of the card that I decided to frame and keep it. Now I can look at it and know that my dad loves me and thinks of me. And again, it’s of plants, so how could I not like it?!

This is another card (you can find art in many places!) that my best friend, Elisabeth, got me for my birthday last year. I thought it was hilarious and amazing and so I also framed it and hung it up. I love space and I love plants so this piece combines two things that make me smile. Every time I look at this piece I remember how much Elisabeth cares about me and how we’re our own found family.

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